Men’s Wear: Russian Style

The Russian military has a saying, “We may be few in number, but we wear telnyashkas!” Worn by sailors of the Russian navy, the Russian Airborne and the Russian Marines, the telnyashka is a dark undershirt with white horizontal stripes, with or without sleeves. It is said to symbolize pride and manliness for its wearers….

Pure Men’s Style For Men’s Fastion

If you take a look in one of your suit jackets you may notice that it has a Super grading on the label, for example Super 100s or Super 110s. Understanding this fabric labelling could mean the difference between buying a suit that lasts one year to buying a suit that lasts four years! The…

5 style of dresses fits the Body

Dresses have their own charm. They bring out the best in you and make you feel feminine and pretty. A fashionable woman’s closet is incomplete without a collection of trendy looking dresses; thereby it’s very essential to be aware of your body type which would help decide what kind of an outfit would suit you….

Clothing style of Coco Chanel

Clothing style of Coco Chanel was, is, and you can have no doubt, will remain an icon of taste. And not only the style of dress. You can say that this amazing woman has revolutionized not only in fashion and style, but in life, behavior and minds of all women. Thanks to her, women…

Casual Style – Pros and Cons

After one too many disastrous consequences, offices around the world are banishing dress down Fridays. Corporate casual is the one style that is too often misunderstood, so how can you make sure that you get it right? The pros and cons of casual style are many, especially in an office environment. Remember the flip flops…