Dress In Style With Popular Armani Clothing

Today, men have realised that it is important to dress well if they want to create a good impression. Armani clothing is a well-known brand since more than three decades and can surely help you make a style statement. It is worn by famous personalities in the field of movies, modelling, sports, business and more….

How to Dress For a Formal Event

Dressing up for a formal event can be quite a challenge for many. After all, not everyday do we get to attend formal functions. We were most comfortable in wearing casual instead. But of course, formal events are inevitable; we get a number of invites throughout the year. Naturally we can turn down some, but…

Formal Dress Codes – Black Tie Attire

The tradition of men’s formal wear began in a time when horses were the most common form of transportation. Prior to sitting down to dinner, it was customary to change into evening clothes to avoid bringing the smell of horse to the dinner table. Like many traditions, evening apparel has its roots in practical practices….