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FormalWear Express mobile suit rental company hire mens suits Sydney, Melboure, Perth, Brisbane and surrounding areas. When it comes to mens suits it can be confusing if you are purchasing or hiring a suit for the first time. In this article you will discover the four main styles of mens suits.

There are four major styles in Men’s suits. They are American, English, Mandarin and also the Italian style. The particular style which you choose is determined by your own matter of preference. The major factor is to contemplate your own personal style, body type and where you plan to wear your suit.

The Italian Style:
The Italian suit (also identified as the European suit), evokes good interest in any fashion enthusiast. The traditional look on this jacket is double breasted with slit pockets and large lapels. A classic model will be completely vent-less. Shoulders is going to be gently padded to add some bulkiness without making the suit look unnatural. Pants are cuffed and pleated with both button down pockets and slit pockets. The cuff could end with a slight break at the shoes or it could end slightly above the shoes with no break.

Tall men with lean builds look cool and stylish in these models. Having said that, numerous fashion consultants have an opinion that short and stocky men would look odd in double breasted suits. But though the suit will look bulky at the midsection, a double breasted suit will conceal a large belly significantly better than a British model. The way of making this suit work for a bulkier man would be to have higher gorges to elongate the torso. Leaner men could go with shorter gorges, while average men can leave them at the standard position.

The English Style:
English suits are made with classic British elegance, style and formality. This style of mens suit is suitable for formal occasions, interviews, along with the office.

The conventional British style jacket is made up of three buttons, medium-sized lapels along with three outside pockets. It will have 2 side vents and also padded shoulders. Waists might be streamlined with one flap pocket on every side. Pants will likely be pleated or double pleated with a quarter inch cuff at the bottom. Cuffs need to always have a slight break at the dress shoes. Proper tailoring can give this suit a formidable authoritative look. Wearing a pinstripe model can add extra power to your look.

The American Style:
American style is the most versatile and can be employed in any setting. Standard American suit (also known as sac suits), jackets have two buttons, medium sized lapels, and three outside flap pockets. Jackets are single vented with natural shoulders.

Pants could be almost always flat front and do a great job showing off a man’s natural leg shape. Bottom of the pants are un-cuffed and have a natural break at the dress shoes. Pants must angle back towards the legs at the ankles.

This style is perfect for men with big chests. The two button style will form a nice V shape around the pectorals and emphasize them. Flat front pants will conform to the leg and show off a man’s overall fitness.

The Mandarin Style:
The mandarin mens suit is a unique style associated with eastern cultures. This mens suit has a mandarin style collar, meaning the collar is short and erect. The difference is this collar stands straight up instead of lying flat on the chest and shoulders.

Jackets are also distinct in that they have buttons all of the way up the jacket and don’t end until they close the jacket up at the neck. This causes the average jacket to have five to six buttons.

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