Finding the Right Maxi Dresses for Your Body Type

Maxi dresses are a very popular option this summer in ladies fashion. These long, flowing women’s dresses are perfect for summer, and the feminine colours and patterns look great on all types of women. But maxi dresses come in several different styles, from spaghetti straps to strapless, and from wide straps to halter style, so finding the right style of maxi dress that complements your figure is all important.

Your first consideration for choosing a maxi dress should be your height. Shorter women often look better in maxi dresses with fitted waists or belts, and V-necks. If the dress is too long for you, and drags on the floor, you can have it hemmed it up, or wear high heels. Tall people can get away with looser fitting, more full maxi dresses, and obviously the length of the dress is less of an issue.

For those with slim figures, or average figures, spaghetti straps and strapless dresses look very good. Show off your shoulders, and if you want to emphasize your bust, make sure you choose low cut dresses, or dresses with empire waists. Thin people look great in bolder colours, and small patterns look good on slight figures.

Those with fuller figures, or those who wear plus sizes, often look better in darker colours as this has a slimming affect. Big, bold patterns also look good on people who wear larger sizes.

Make sure you try your dress on before purchasing. A dress always looks different on the rack to how it looks on you. And if you don’t like the first one you try on, keep looking.

Ladies fashion is always changing, yet there are certain styles that come back often, and the maxi dress is back. It’s a style reminiscent of the 1960’s, and a cute style that looks good on almost everyone.

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