How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body

As a little girl you dream of getting married; playing dress up and picturing yourself as the princess in your beautiful dress. It was then that you had to be conscience of body image so that you could wear any gown you could dream of. But as you grow up, self image changes your perspective, and finding that perfect gown that looks amazing on your body can be a real struggle and a challenge. You want to look perfect for your big day. That is why I would like to break down different body types and show you which dresses you should focus on when you go shopping.

If you are tall and slender you should seek out form fitting dresses to emphasize your sleek frame. Grecian style dresses will work very nicely for you with their light and flowing feel, adding to the beauty of your height. This however, is not a great option if you are top heavy, it will throw the whole look off balance, and even if you are a skinny mini, the flow of the dress could end up making you look wide. If you go with this style dress and want some sparkle or embellishments, make sure they are on the top of the dress. Anything in the middle or bottom of the dress will disrupt the length of the gown.

For the girl that is top heavy, learn to love the corset. Even if you dont have the perfect hourglass shape, a corset will give you one. If you want to hide your tummy, pair a corset with a full skirt; it will come in just enough at the waist, but then flow back out to hide anything you dont want the world to see, and in doing so will slim you and give you a very nice silhouette. If you are slim, go for a straight skirt to give you a very sexy look, showing off all of your greatest assets. Either way you go with this dress, it is a great look and will show off your curves.

Do you have some junk in your trunk? Maybe a bit too much and you want to hide it? Hey, not all of us love our bottoms. For the bottom heavy girl, make all your childhood princess dreams come true with a princess style dress. With either a slim fitting top or a corset, pair it with a full bottom skirt. The bigger the skirt, the slimmer your upper body will look. A big thing to remember with this style if function, you do have to go through doorways, be able to sit at a table, and dance the night away with prince charming; just make sure you are able to move around comfortably.

Last, but not least, the girl we all wished we were, Miss Hourglass. You have the ideal body type and will want to show it off. If you have an over the top personality and arent afraid to be sexy, why not go all the way with a form fitting dress to show off all your beautiful curves. Your husband-to-bes eyes will pop out of his head when you come walking down the aisle.

In conclusion, you want to look your best on your wedding day, so when you go shopping take 1-3 of your closest family and friends; any more than 3 can cause more drama than needed. Get paired up with a stylist at the bridal shop, she will be able to head you in the right direction, and show you what will look best on you. Good luck with your hunt, and just remember to have fun with it!

Alex Lemone writes about weddings, bridal showers, and other celebrations. For some more wedding ideas and other bridal etiquette tips and related articles, visit Wedding Ideas Etc.

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