Rules In Wearing Shoes For Men

There’s no doubt that a pair of shoes can either complete an outfit or ruin it. Shoes are among the favorite fashion accessory of most men. Others spend quite a fortune just to have the latest model of Nike basketball sneakers or Giorgio Armani formal footwear. If you are a shoe lover, let this article help you get some tips on matching shoes and clothes and other accessories.

Belts are considered the shoes best friend when it comes to trend. It has been a popular belief that the color of the belt you are wearing should always match those of your shoes. This is quite true but it doesn’t have to be this way all the time. Fashion trends nowadays allow people to try out different combinations of style and design of clothes and accessories, so choosing what color of belt or shoes to wear is all up to you.

Moreover, you are not obligated to wear formal leather shoes to match with your suit as well. Leather shoes are the norm for business attires. Nevertheless, you can also wear a pair of non-leather shoes with your suit especially when your job requires you to walk around a lot. Leather shoes are a pain to the toes and heels especially when worn the whole day.

There are actually a lot of shoes that can be entirely okay with a formal suit aside from leather shoes. Take loafers for example. Though classified as casual shoes, loafers have a formal look on them that when you wear them with a suit, it still seems like you’re actually wearing formal leather shoes. These types of versatile shoes are also more comfortable to wear.

If you decide to wear shorts for an outdoor activity in the beach or in a picnic field, loafers, and sandals should complete your get up. For more rugged activities like mountain climbing, hiking boots should go with the shorts. Never make the mistake of wearing socks with loafers and sandals as they can absolutely break your style.

It is a perfect idea to invest on shoes with popular brand names since they are trusted by many due to their quality. Keep your shoes in perfect shape and style by polishing them regularly. For better results, do not hesitate to visit a trusted shoeshine store.

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