About Formal Dress

One can never go wrong with a formal dress. It should be a style staple in every girl closest. A formal dress is perfect for the office, a dinner party, a first date, a wedding, or just meeting the boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Remember how much fun it used to be to dress up your dolls, when you were little? Well, now it’s time to play dress up with yourself. A formal dress is a great way to look pretty and dolled up.

With time, style has evolved and so have the designs in the market. Style comes in two types now, super expensive and at a low affordable retail price. Now fashion is for the masses, it’s how you carry yourself that is important. A breath taking formal dress used to be available only at famous designer outlets, but now there are so many high end and bargain retail brands that have great dresses to offer to their customers.

The fashion trend for the fall 2010 formal dress is that less is more. Subtle colors like, grey, cream, black and maroon were seen on the runway and will be seen on all the fashion outlets in the market. The idea behind these subtle fall colors is accessorizing. Accessorizing should be fun, especially with such dull colors, because bright accessories lights up a formal dress. A nice pair of heels finishes the entire outfit perfectly. Black and cream colored heels will go well with the color pallet for this season.

Fashion is never a compulsion; one can wear something that is not considered fashionable in a particular season and still manage to stand out. It’s all about confidence and knowing what suits you. Since Alice in wonderland, has been so widely popular lately, the fall trends have been inspired by the classic as well. A splash of bright color on dull base is also considered very trendy at the moment.

formal dress, should be inspiring, it should add glamour and a touch of fantasy to your entire outfit. A formal dress can be short and sexy or long and flowing. All that matters is how you carry it.


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