Fashion in the 80s

In the 70s the bulk of the fashion statement comprised of characteristic tight fitting clothes for the upper body and loose fitting and wider clothes for the lower portion. This trend of fashion was wholly reversed in the 80s. Both men and women wore loose shirts or tops and tight and body hugging pants. There was also a notion that people should display their wealth through their attire, so men began wearing power suits. There was also an emergent popularity of brand names like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein etc. Within the decade, these names had become household lingo.


Madonna was entitled the “material girl” in the ‘like a virgin’ era. Millions of girls worshipped her like a goddess and looked to her for inspiration and her fashion statements. The general public was introduced to the concept of ripped Sweatshirtsby the popular ’83 movie ‘Flashdance’. The popularity of overtly sized shoulder pads owed its fame to television shows like ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ which produced an overwhelming impact on popular fashion.


In the European countries and the United Kingdom a new fashion movement shook the very foundations of the clothing industry changing the way men and women dressed in that decade. Aerobics shows and dance themed movies were so popular on both television and the silver screen that they created their own line of dancewear, leg warmers, leggings and other dancewear which wear wore on the streets with flaunt. The movie ‘Flashdance’ made ripped sweatshirts popular for women as they exposed one shoulder and women found it to be quite a sexy look. Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton John’s line of physical and aerobic videos also popularized tight dance and exercise apparel. The decade saw explosively colorful fashion.


There was also the ‘thriller look’ which was inspired by Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller”. Jackson was a craze with teenagers. Every teen and tween alike tried to copy his rock star look and attempt the famous ‘moonwalk’. Jackson popularized the leather pants and jackets. The jackets would be left unbuttoned by some teens to give the impression of a messier look. Handsker, which were generally fingerless, accompanied the attire. The white gloves of Jackson were both a coveted item and famous amongst the then young generation. With world war II there was a comeback of the aviator jackets. The pilots wore these jackets and became very popular with young boys and men as they made them desirous to the ladies.

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