What Men Find Attractive – Is It Just the Way I Look?

Men are very visual beings. It’s the way they are made. If you think your amazing personality is going have every desirable man eating from your hand, best think again! Your amazing personality may well be the thing that captures the man of your dreams eventually, but his first thoughts will be on the way you look, not much else.

What Men Find Attractive – Is it Just the Way I Look?

The laws of attraction are very complex. What can be certain is that we all have very different tastes. What one man might find attractive, another will find deeply unattractive…thank goodness! It definitely takes all sorts.

If you ask women whether they dress to attract men you will probably get a very mixed response. Probably half will say they that they dress to please themselves. The other half will say that dressing to please men is exactly what they do. Whatever the case there is definitely a great pressure on women to look their best. There is also a very strong commercial pressure from the manufacturers of cosmetics, clothes etc., as well. It’s a tough call for women.

The way you look should please you as well any man. You are who you are and you should be proud of that. Your first responsibility is to yourself. Whether some men find you attractive or not, it’s important for your own self-image and self-belief that you look after yourself. If you do then the chances are that you will look attractive – and you will feel attractive, which is almost as important.

Looking after yourself means that you need to watch carefully what you eat. If you have an unhealthy diet, it will not be long before you start to put on the pounds. You need to look after your fitness too. Regular intentional exercise will keep you in trim and keep your mind alert.

Examine your diet and see if you think that a complete change might do you good. Check out the links below and why not give something new a try?

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