Men Suit Essentials To Keep In Mind

To avoid the bad suit scenario from happening to you ensure that you get the proper suit fitting and have it properly tailored. This is especially important if you’re unsure about how you might across in an interview or any other important occasion.

The first step towards getting a suit is having your measurements taken – this can be done for you by any good fashion retailer. Measurements include Shoulders, Neck, Sleeves and inseam, chest and waist.

Keep the above in mind always when you go shopping for a suit.

Selecting a fabric

The all time best material for suits are the worsted wools family of fabrics such as the mid-weight corded wools and gabardines. It’s common to find suits branded as super 100 these days, what this means is that the yarn of such suits has been twisted more than the ordinary 60-80 twist wools. Whatever the case, such wools are considered mid-weight. A good suit fabric should spring back and remain wrinkle free when squeezed.

Worsted wools typically wear well and are good year long depending or your location.

Trouser fit

Your trouser waist should fit well and even allow two fingers to stick through when you’re wearing them. Pleats are a matter of personal preference but the general rule is that pleats are better suited to people with big tummies as opposed to thin people.

The Hem

Avoid a pile of fabric at your ankle, it’s not a pretty sight. Pants should reach your shoes and leave a slight break. It’s up to you to keep them cuffed or not but be reminded that cuffless will make you look taller if you’re a shorter guy, cuffs also look better on people with long legs.

Sleeve Length

Ensure that the sleeve length is just right or else you’ll end up looking like you’re wearing borrowed suit, not good! Sleeve is considered too long if it covers your shirt cuff. Sleeves should reach the base of your thumb and no more than that.

The Waist of the Jacket

Make sure that the jacket fits easily across your stomach. The common American two button suit that has been the mainstay for many years is now being replaced by four buttoned suit jackets that are more trendy.

This doesn’t mean that the traditional two buttoned suit jacket has lost steam, there are two buttoned suit jackets that now offer a new fresh twist with high placed buttons like the three buttoned style and are just as flattering. It doesn’t matter whether your preferred style is contemporary or classic, go for fitted waistlines that highlights your body shape. A close fit at the waist is always and will always remain a good thing.

The general suit fit

All said and done, your suit should be easy to bend and stretch in when worn. Ensure that your suits affords you free movement of arms. You can test this by stretching your hands ahead of you and also try to sit on a chair and pretend you’re working.
Whatever you do, you should feel comfortable.

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