The Body Diet Type

Six hormones responsible for fat burning, although it store only 3 types of hormones, fat. Each of these hormones triggered by different things.

The diet is useful if you want to control weight. However, some systems do not work on their specific profiles. A good solution is a system that meets their specific type. Each of the four most important is a unique program that is set up close to the plan. Do you feel, first, before one type of system of the body diet.

Adrenal Type

This is due to the constant load. Stress makes the body and treatment. Body reacts to the release of cortisol in the body fat reserves of extra power when needed. Shadow around the eyes, a big belly, cravings for sweets and salty food ..These are just some of the symptoms of adrenal body type. The program of this type of plant needs a good dose of calcium and vitamin C, green vegetables. Supplement this body diet, nutrition, is subtly and slowly also recommended.


This body shape is, of course, exclusively for women. Women, the excess fat around the hips and swelling in the abdomen below the navel, it is treated as such. Milk products are recommended in the rule to find these people and diet, a good portion of cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables are very anti-estrogen. This means that the impact of control too much estrogen. Hormones in meat protein is also for this system, the body diet, recommended especially light or heavy.

Type of thyroid

There is evidence that such a body is equal weight distribution throughout the body, and the desire for sweets. I think that no one suffers from depression. Hair dry and brittle nails are also symptoms of thyroid cancer. Diet, should this body of vegetables are rich in iodine, supplemented by short-term measures, but intense.


Bodies such as the liver, causing liver dysfunction. Usually these people dandruff and jaundice and nervous in the morning. A good diet will type facilities, such as the liver would be foods high in potassium and a good dose of fish and eggs to replace fat and protein. Since the routine, but a short intensive training full body diet type.

His diet body in order to effectively control their weight and the specific objectives of the hormone regulate the metabolism. However, a person can handle a diet your body type the perfect workout for best results.

Andy Wong wrote to the different body types and combinations of hormones to many questions about why people find it difficult to answer to lose weight. Get a free guide and learn how such a body diet implement questionnaire.

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