How to Dress the Groom For a Beach Wedding

Men will never admit to “wanting to look good” and just say “whatever feels comfortable” when asked what they want to wear. They want to look good, too, but will never attempt to upstage the women in their lives. Another reason is maybe they are just really clueless on what to put together.

And in the middle of the beach bride’s constant changing and re-changing of wardrobe, the groom just doesn’t want to be shifting wardrobe ideas too often.

The beach bride has finally settled on her beach wedding dress and has now found the time to channel her decision making to her groom’s wardrobe requirements.

While some women can take discomfort over beauty, men don’t. Make sure that the groom is comfortable by picking out the perfect material for their wardrobe. Linen is lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and is perfect for a beach wedding.  Cotton and polyester are common alternatives, too.

Once you have decided on the material, color is next. While cream, tan, ivory and white are popular colors for beach themed wedding; navy and black are safe choices, too.

The tuxedo is out of the question, unless the groom wants to look like a lost penguin. There are others who still want to go a bit formal even though it’s a beach wedding. Going barefoot in a single breasted suit without a tie spells beach wedding ready. But “casual” does not directly translate to khaki cutoffs. Shy away from the castaway theme by opting for dress pants and linen shirts, as they are popular replacement for the suit. 

As for the groomsmen, they may be dressed in uniform with the groom with just a little distinction with the color. For a less formal look, some groomsmen just want to dress in tropical/floral shirts and cream shorts. While this can be pulled off in a beach wedding, the beach bride must put her foot down if this suggestion does not jive with the formality level of the occasion.

While shoes can also be used, flip flops and sandals are more beach wedding worthy choices. Better yet, go barefoot.  Lei of flowers or a floral boutonniere is the closest thing the men of the beach wedding can get to accessorizing, so don’t push it. 

The beach bride is likely to coordinate the color of the groom’s outfit with hers. The same goes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Try to keep everything as coordinated as possible, else the beach wedding photograph will look like a canvas of splattered colors.  

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