A Wedding Diet Can Help You Drop a Dress Size For Your Wedding

You’re engaged to be married – congratulations – and the wedding is fast approaching. The critical items on your Wedding To-Do List are slowly falling into place. The date is set, the church is booked, so is the venue for the reception, and you are due to meet your dressmaker to discuss the details of your perfect wedding dress.

There’s just one problem, in the back of your mind you have this nagging thought that just won’t go away. “I’d love to be just one dress size smaller for my wedding day”. Don’t worry, you are not alone. A great many brides-to-be embark on a wedding diet in the run up to their big day.

One question that crops up almost straight away though is, “how much weight do I need to lose to drop a dress size?” While the exact amount of weight loss required is going to vary a bit from person to person, the general consensus is that you need to lose about 10lbs – give or take a pound or two – per dress size that you want to lose.

In those terms, if you have 10 weeks left before your wedding, you need to lose about a pound a week to drop a dress size in time. Better make it 11 weeks, just to give your dressmaker time to take in your wedding dress to fit the new, slimmer you!

A pound a week is a very achievable goal. It shouldn’t be too difficult at all to stay on target. In fact, if you choose the right wedding diet you can lose 2lbs a week pretty easily. Which gives you the choice of losing the weight in half the time, or going all out and aiming to lose TWO dress sizes before your wedding. Just imagine the look on the faces of those friends and relatives you haven’t seen for ages when you walk down the aisle!

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