Wardrobe Basics For Men

The first thing that a man should do is assess his lifestyle. If you are more into denims, go for different jean styles that suit you. Likewise, if you need to wear suits everyday, buy several suits that you can mix and match. It’s not essential that you follow the fashion trends as men are noted more for their intelligent dressing. However, every man should have these basics as the cornerstone of their wardrobe.


A white, button-down, high quality cotton shirt is a must for any wardrobe. To build your basics stick with shades of blue and white. You can also opt for patterned shirts with checks or stripes for some variety. Generally, lighter colors suit dark-skinned men and brighter colors work best with fair -skinned men.


If you are still in your teens or early 20’s go ahead and make your mark. And, if you are in your late 20’s its time for some classic clothing. A casual shirt such as a polo neck is a must have for your wardrobe to team it with jeans and other informal pants. Opt for neutral colors like black, white and gray for more versatility.


A pair of dressy black pants is an essential item in a man’s wardrobe. As far as possible, avoid pleats in the front. The ‘front flat’ style pant works best on most body types. They have cleaner lines and gives a neat finish. It’s recommended that you have at least half a dozen of such pants in various colors that compliment with other items in your wardrobe.

Versatile Blue Jeans:

There’s nothing like a nice pair of jeans. A point to consider here is the importance of a proper fit. Make sure that it fits you nicely. Avoid ones that too baggy or too tight. Go for a straight cut finish that have an enduring quality. Dark wash jeans can be your best bet as they can be dressed up or down be it for a night out, to office or for a date.

Khaki Pants:

For a more casual look, own a nice pair of khaki pants. You can also get a pair of wrinkle- free khakis so that you can just throw it on when you are in a hurry. Avoid anything that is fancy or has a lot of details. The reason being if your pants are flashy, it will be noticed when you wear it the second time. On the other hand, if it is solid and simple no one will notice it and it may appear as though you own a number of khaki pants.

The Suit:

True as it may seem, suits always exudes confidence and power. Have at least one resourceful suit that you can wear for an interview, wedding or a meeting. The two-button black suit [never exceed 3 buttons no matter what] is the most classic one. Go for neutral colors such as navy, gray or black as they can be dressed up or down. You can also wear the coat or blazer with denims as a ‘business casual wear.’ It’s truly an item worth spending some money on.

V-Neck Sweater:

You just can’t go wrong with a V-neck sweater. Opt for a quality material like a cashmere or a cashmere blend as you may want to keep them for years. They look great for dates, a night out, to the church or for a casual day in office. Do not wear V-neck sweaters along with V-neck t-shirts. The best look would be to layer it with a stiff collared shirt underneath.


Shoes can tell a lot about you. As a woman, let me tell you that most women judge a man by the shoes he wears. Even if you own few pairs, get quality ones. A formal rounded toe shoe is best for a classic and professional look. Opt for a style that can be dressed up or down. And, of course not to forget a great pair of loafers to lounge around.


• Belts: A black belt is a versatile item. Better yet, opt for a reversible belt that simply switches from black to brown. And, buy one for khakis and jeans. Remember, your casual belt should be wider than your formal one.
• Ties: The ties should compliment the color of your formal shirts and coats. Solid ties are versatile so are classic diagonal stripes.
• Watch : Buy the best classic watch you can afford. If its just one, opt for something that will go with most outfits. Otherwise, get a sporty watch to team with your casual attires.

A tip: It’s advisable that the belt, shoes and watch band be of the same color. Also, match your socks and pants.

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