Belts Shopping Tips For Men And Women

Belts can be tricky things to wear if you do not have the body of a runway model. A belt can actually accentuate bits you want to hide, if you choose the wrong size, type, or wear it in the wrong place.
There are several common styles of belt, both formal and casual. For more casual wear with shorts, a hemp or fabric cinch belt might suit the bill – these are cheap and in many cases are sold with the pants or shorts themselves! Dress casual or smart casual calls for a leather belt, unbraided, and reversible for versatility. Whether flat-brown or jet black, reversible Hermes Belts can go a long way when wear with dress denim. Steel or silver buckles should are worn by younger men, while more mature gents should likely choose gold (though silver remains an option).
Belt buckles are excellent ways to display some personality, but should be reserved for casual wear only – it is not typically acceptable to wear large belt buckles or fashion belt buckles with a formal outfit. Dress pants always require leather belts.
A Long Belt to Suit Your Body Shape It pays to experiment with the placing of a belt and see the effect different widths have in seemingly slimming (or widening) your torso. Also be mindful of the buckle type and size. Some can have a slenderizing effect whilst others will serve to make you look more chunky. Don’t be deterred with a little perseverance you’ll find a style that matches your outfit and suits your body shape.
Belts for Big Stomachs
?For those who have a post-baby belly or flab round the middle, it is not necessary to shy away from belts. In fact, quite the contrary as a belt worn well can give the impression of a narrower waist and more hour-glass figure.
?A wide Hermes Belt around the middle of your waist actually slims down your stomach. Be mindful of the buckle and fastening style as you can also apply some cleaver tricks. A fastening that narrows or widens (almost like a figure-8) providing a variation from the same shape and width of the belt strap will gives the illusion of a slimmer stomach.
?To avoid a muffin top do not tighten the belt so that it constricts your body too much, unless you are wearing such a full top that it will disguise a layer of fat. A dark colored belt will be more slimming, so will a matte-finished leather one.
?If a belt is worn on the hips rather than the waist this also detracts from the tummy. A blouson top or dress is best worn like this, with a few inches pulled-up over the belt to create a tummy-concealing look.
?Alternatively wear a belt under the bust, (empire-line style) rather than exactly on the waist. This look works well with a tunic-style dress or blouse. Beware though this will also have the effect of making your bust look bigger.
Belt man for Short Torsos
?Short torso’s require a longer leaner look. Choose a belt of the same colorway as your outfit as adding another color will simply have the effect of cutting your torso in half. This is also a way to look slimmer, especially around the stomach.
Belts for Hour-Glass or Rectangular Figures
?If you are lucky enough to be an hour-glass shape or have a rectangular-brick-like torso then a wide belt on the waist will look great on you. This will enhance your figure even more than wearing one at the hips or below the bust. With this silhouette you can latch on to the current trend of accessorizing jackets and vests with a belt around the waist.

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