Get The Mad Men Look

The glamorous women of Mad Men have captured our hearts and inspired our wardrobes. Who doesnt long for the lady-like elegance of the fifties and those curve-loving silhouettes? The look is easy to achieve, though you may need a few wardrobe investments first those longline tunics and leggings just wont do Im afraid! Heres the lowdown on how to get the look.

There were two key skirt shapes in the fifties, both of which are perfect for curvy figures. The first is the pencil skirt. This gives a neat, straight silhouette that really shows off your shape. For an authentic look the skirt must be high waisted and come down to just below the knee. The second skirt shape is the swing skirt. This is completely different but just as feminine, flaring right out from the waist to a really full shape. Again the length should be just below knee-length to keep things elegant. If you have heavy thighs you may find a full-skirted style more flattering and its fabulous for dancing in! For extra volume add a net petticoat the more layers of net, the more dramatic the effect

Dresses follow the same theme as skirts, being either straight pencil style or full and flared. What they have in common though is that they both nip right in at the waist to show off hourglass curves. A pencil-skirted dress was known as a wiggle dress, it being a very fitted shape that to was cut to reveal to every curve. Fabrics were never clingy or stretchy; rather they were heavier weight materials that were tailored to fit beautifully. Necklines were usually high, round and demure. A wide V neck may sometimes have been worn to show a little cleavage, but never too much.

Soft, figure-hugging knitwear was very fashionable; try a high-necked sweater or a matching twin set, making sure they fit you closely at both the bust and the waist. Pussy-bow blouses are also extremely classy and make a smart look for todays office too. Tailored jackets were generally quite a lot shorter to make sure that the waist stayed on show.

As fashions were all about that hourglass outline, its no surprise that they had a little help from corsetry. Fortunately shapewear is a lot more comfortable now than it was then, and youll find a modern waspie or waist cincher will help to nip you in for amazing curves. Of course, you need pneumatic breasts to complement your mini waist so make sure youve got a good bra in the right size as well.

Finishing touches
You can give a nod to fifties fashion whatever youre wearing by adding the right accessories, or use them to complete your glamorous retro ensemble. Jewellery was very neat and simple; try a short string of pearls and some round button clip-on earrings, and look our for vintage brooches to pin to jackets or knitwear. Leather gloves add a certain flair whilst slim waist belts can help give the outline youre looking for. Court shoes are the natural footwear of choice; slingbacks and peep toes make great variations for a dressier look. For true authenticity go for stockings, but youd be forgiven for choosing tights instead!

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