Basics of Snowmobiling

Winter is a time that many people find themselves holed up inside of their homes. The cold weather and snow is beautiful to see, however, the only view that we often get is the one outside of our living room window. With the proper gear and a little know how, you can start spending some of those weekends enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland on a snowmobile.

A snowmobile will allow you to see the landscapes that few other people may have seen. It requires less physical effort than cross country skis or snowshoeing, but still gives you a chance to breath that wonderful, crisp winter air.

Before you begin, you will need the proper clothing. A snowmobile suit is the best choice. It provides the insulation and waterproof clothing needed to enjoy your rides. In addition, you will need warm boots and gloves. Since you will use your hands for controlling your snowmobile, then you will need to have those hands warm enough to operate the controls quickly. A good pair of goggles is also necessary. Goggles will adhere to your face and head so that they aren’t blown off in the wind or flurries.

As you sit on the snowmobile, grasp the handlebars. Place your feet in the stirrups. You should see a lever on the right hand side which is the accelerator. On the left hand side will be another lever, that is the brake.

You will need to pull the accelerator handle enough to raise the speed of the engine and allow the snowmobile to begin moving. The handle bars are used to steer the snowmobile along with shifting of your body weight. If you anticipate your moves, releasing the accelerator is usually enough to stop the snowmobile. If you need a more sudden stop, you can use the brake lever. Just remember that you are on snow and ice, so even with the brake, you will not be able to stop on a dime. Use the break gently and pump the brake to stop.

Snowmobiles provide a great winter family activity. They allow you to enjoy areas you may have never seen before in the winter. Be sure that you are aware of the weather forecast before you go out into the field. In addition, take note of where you are going and always be sure that you can find your way back to where you started. Remember that you are outside in winter weather and you do not want to have to spend the night because you get lost.

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