What Type of Body Do You Have?

When you begin your exercise routine the first thing that you should be aware of is your body type. It is crucial to know what body type you have when designing a training routine, as your routine should fit your body type.


The ectomorph is the definition of the hard gainer; they are very lean, not very naturally muscular and have small shoulders. At the extreme an ectomorph’s physique is very delicate with light bones and slight muscles. Their limbs tend be longer in proportion to their bodies. An ectomorph have a very tough time building muscle mass.

Celebrity Ectomorphs

Tom Hanks, Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt


The Mesomporph by contrast is naturally muscular. They tend to have well-defined muscles and larger bones. The torso of a Mesomporph tapers into a thin waist. Muscle mass is noticeably more prominent than that of the ectomorph. The mesomorph usually also has thicker skin. Gaining muscle mass is a breeze for the mesomorph body type.

Celebrity Mesomorphs

Sylvester Stallone, Most Football Players and Bodybuilders


The endomorph has a very soft body with underdeveloped muscles and a round physique. Many people confuse the endomorph with mesomorph because of their larger body size. The endomorph body type does share on similarity with the mesomorph; they build muscle mass quickly as well. On the flip side the endomorph will have a much tougher time losing body fat. Their arms and legs are shorter in length and sometimes make them appear stalky in build. They typically have small hands and feet with overdeveloped upper arms and thighs.

Celebrity Endomorphs

Oprah, Kirstie Alley, Ruben Studdard

Don’t Fit These?

Do you feel like you might fit two of the body types listed? That is natural as these are merely the three main type of bodies. Some people will fit into these three categories exclusively but many people will find themselves falling somewhere in between.

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