Ayurvedic Body Type – The Dominant Dosha

Ayurvedic Vata body type is one of the three subtle characteristics or Doshas known only within Ayurveda. The practice of Ayurvedic medicines insure the balance of health, happiness and beauty. The three body types are known as Vata Pitta Kapha. Knowing and understanding your body type is a requirement for healing yourself.

The Vata body type is the dominant of the three Doshas or Tri–Dosha concept. Within this Tri–Dosha there are five universal elements of air, fire, water, earth, and space. If you are dominantly a Vata body type, it means that air and space controls how your body and your mind functions.

Physically, Vatas are not muscular. They are thin and bony with pronounced joints and have difficulty gaining weight. Their skin is dark, cool, and dry and do not perspire much. They also have a tendency toward cold hands and feet which gives way to their love of warm climates. The hair is usually dry and curly or kinky. The face is long, the nose is small, and the eyes are narrow and dark brown or gray in color. The mouth is small, as well, with thin lips.

Their manner is light and lively and there motions are quick with fast movements and speech. They have racing thoughts with restless minds and weak memories. Because of their high energy in short bursts, they tire easily. They spend money quickly and act impulsively. They can be moody and respond to stress by worrying and having anxiety but they are full of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm when they are in balance.

Vatas are highly imaginative and creative with mental quickness. They are likely to be skillful, artistic and creative. Their imagination is enviable and they will sometimes overindulge in pleasures. Of all three Doshas, the Vata body type is the most sexually active but becomes quickly satiated.

Because they are so erratic, their appetite, digestion and “bathroom habits” vary, therefore, it is important to develop a routine to ensure that they are eating regularly to give them sustained energy which will create healthy and regular eating habits.

Now that you have an understanding of the dominant Dosha, you may recognize yourself or someone you love as being a Vata body type. Always remember, once you recognize your body type, through Ayurveda, you can begin your journey to health, happiness, and beauty.

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