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A T-shirt at the workplace to increase employee productivity

So, it’s a new year. New Year resolutions galore, my top three being

1. ‘Thou shall not clash with thy boss’

2. ‘Thou shall work hard and not spend more than 2 hours a day in the pantry’

3. ‘Thou shall not frown while getting ready for work every morning’

While not much can be done with the first 2, I most strongly feel that the third is achievable through a slight paradigm shift. In the recent past, there has been an over-growing emphasis on “Comfort at work”. From proper lighting and ambient temperate conditions to ergonomic chairs, companies resort to some of the most expensive ways to help boost employee productivity.

A practical and often overlooked method would be to ease the dress code at work. Gone are the days when everyone was mandated to wear stiff collared shirts with ties that almost choked every time we gulped. “T-shirts”, my fellow countrymen is the way forward. Besides being able to establish your unique style statement, the t-shirt serves several other purposes:

1. T-shirts ensure that you are comfortable while performing your job. This goes a long way in raising productivity levels and significantly improves performance.

2. T-shirts are generally quite economical. You also have the option of wearing the t-shirts you invest in on other occasions (in which a boring office shirt will not suffice) thus keeping you within a tighter budget, and you still look good!

3. Maintenance is much easier. Those who hate the iron, don’t need to be bogged down with that piece of metal and still look chic.

4. T-shirts are a great way for a company to build brand recognition. It helps to spread word about the brand thus saving on advertising costs to a certain degree. It also helps build a sense of team spirit amongst the employees.

5. Lastly and most importantly, the anticipation to the work day does not start on a gloomy note, because you stretch for the boring pin-stripe shirt yet again.

In lieu of all the above, t-shirts at the workplace is the way forward. Not only does it help increase employee engagement but in fact raise employee productivity at work.


Ryan Dhodi

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