Body Shape-up Survival Tactics For The Workplace

You’re doing well on your shape-up, weight-loss or body-transformation program. You’ve come down a dress size or a pant size, and you’re motivated. Uh-oh, there’s a roadblock up ahead and the sign post reads–it’s the workplace.

First stop is the birthday of the week. They’re serving birthday cake and a large side of ‘peer pressure’. Someone’s going to be offended if you don’t join in. Next stop–holiday cookies–you’d better duck, there’s a cookie with your name on it. Danger ahead a high-calorie lunch with your team is scheduled. The list of workplace landmines that can thwart your efforts seems like a story from a horror flick.

Since you’re already tracking good results, let’s make the workplace somewhere that supports your efforts to look great and feel better. The truth is, with a little planning you can get into condition, achieve energy or stay in that peak condition. More importantly, you can still enjoy the wonderful celebrations that we all know bring their own temptations and distractions.

1. Eat protein first: Make sure you have a protein shake before you walk down to the office dining hall for that party. You can keep a shaker bottle or a Ready-to-Drink protein shake in your office or cubicle. Protein stabilizes your blood sugar and satiates your hunger. Stable blood sugar will allow you to make rational decisions about food.

2. Healthy fats second: Eat 7 or 8 raw almonds or take a tablespoon of lemon-flavored fish oil. The healthy fats are known to have many health benefits but they also help keep you satisfied.

3. High Fiber Complex Carbohydrates: Keep some frozen blueberries, strawberries or mango on hand in the company freezer. Put a cupful in your glass with the protein and you have a delicious blend that sets the stage for success.

3. Bring lean protein to the potluck: Coat chicken breasts in olive oil, spices and herbs and wok them, or buy fresh fish and or try ground turkey tacos served with whole-wheat tortillas. And fresh vegetables with non-fat yogurt based dips. Serve with a garden salad and/or a bowl of fresh fruit and your party is sure to be a healthy success.

5. Navigate the restaurants: If you are lunching out, you can still stay on your plan. Almost all restaurants have chicken or fish and vegetables available, so choose wisely. Show off your new physique and be friendly and social. You’ll be surprised at the admiration and support you’ll get. You just may prove to be the new role model.

6. Cheat without guilt: What? Yes I said cheat but do it without guilt or stress. Every successful shape-up program allows ‘controlled cheating’ or allows favorite foods. Just know that you’re going to work the excess into your weekly plan and progress on your program anyway. Research has shown that food deprivation and stress over food can release a mischievous protein that causes you to store more fat and also makes the fat-cells grow in size. It’s called NPY (Neuropeptide Y) You can turn it off simply by relaxing over food and your healthy choices.

7. Eat to get lean and always eat breakfast. The better you eat, the less irritable, anxious, and stressed you will be. And you know how much your co-workers and employers will appreciate that. You’ll have more energy and you’ll be more productive at work and at play.

8. Get enough sleep. You cannot be your best if you are tired, so don’t skimp on your sleep. The lead researcher on a very successful fat-loss project noted individuals with ample sleep have much better success on the same program than those who are sleep deprived.

9. Stay hydrated. By staying hydrated you will think more clearly and have more energy. Research shows that ample water is one common success principle with successful shape-up participants.

10. Get some exercise daily. Although, your busy schedule and /or lack of your regular routine, may prevent you from being able to exercise as frequently as you usually do, exercise does not need to be an all or nothing situation. Even short bouts will help tremendously. If all you have is 10 or 15 minutes, take that time and use it. Play and have fun.

These suggestions will help you better navigate the social events associated with work. You, your co-workers and employers will appreciate it. Enjoy and live life to the fullest.

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