More Folding Styles For Men’s Pocket Squares

Are you thinking of something that you can wear to perk up the dullness of your suit? How about a piece of clothing that will make you look fashionably chic? Perhaps, you are also on the lookout for something that you can inject in your ensemble that will highlight your impeccable taste for something fashionable.
Men’s pocket squares can do all these things to you. They have their way of turning a suit look elegant and they can do wonders to your outfit. Above all, they can make you stand out in a crowd. Similar to a tie, pocket squares are perfect accents that define the real you.

Men’s pocket squares come in many designs, colors and fabrics. Most of them are made of linen and cotton. Their designs also vary from printed to plain and stripes to plaid. Their colors are endless and you can have your pick that will complement your suit. However, what makes these accessories really stylish is in the way they are folded. It is actually what makes them such an excellent decorative accessory. Here are some folding styles that will make your suit pocket scream with elegance.

The Presidential Fold. Otherwise known as the TV fold, this is the most common of them all. This resembles the standard fold used for handkerchief with the exception of its length and width which needs to be adjusted in order to fit the suit’s pocket. For a crispier look, starching them is a must.

The Flute or Puff Handkerchief Fold. This folding style is an extreme of sorts. It is the easiest, yet it is also the most difficult to perfect. Begin by placing the handkerchief on a flat surface and pinching it in the middle simultaneously lifting it. Form a flute using your thumb and index fingers. Achieving the desired look can be very difficult but you can keep on trying until what you have is perfect for the size of your pocket.

Pointed Handkerchief Fold. Exactly the opposite of the flute, the procedure on folding is almost the same. One tip that can prove very helpful in achieving an upright tip is by starching the hanky prior to styling.

The Astaire Fold. Named after one of the best entertainers of all times, the Astaire Fold is all about simplicity and class. Making one is very easy which begins by placing the pocket square flat on an even surface and picking it up with your fingers in the center resulting to a puff. Out of the four points of the square, grab and pull any of the two points up to the grab’s height. Gather together the lower material and neatly fold it under the puff.

These are just a few of the many styles one can put to good use in folding a pocket square. A perfect fold is supposed to retain its shape for a long time. However, the same may vary depending on the kind of material used. Silk pocket squares tend to collapse while linen and cotton are able to maintain their shapes for quite a time.

Pocket squares are fast becoming a trend among men who defy the conventional. There is no denying that this clothing accessory will someday become a byword for every man who wants to stand out and get noticed.

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