The Social Benefits of a Muscular and Ripped ‘Male Model’ Body

The ‘ideal’ male body is muscular, low in body fat, tall and ripped. What are the social benefits of this particular body type? Does this body type help you to be more successful in life and with women? Could you potentially be a better ‘player’ with this body type? As the male model body type is so rare and hard to build, it has a lot of scarcity value. A man who has successfully built such a body and wears appropriate clothing to show it off, has a distinct advantage ‘on the street’ when going out to nightclubs, bars and pubs to pick up women. To be successful in a nightclub environment, one must stand out compared to other men who are competing to be ‘chosen’ by women. The best way to stand out is to be dressed well and to command attention and respect with a fit and muscular body. Remember – most men are not focused on self improvement and building a beautiful body. This gives you as an intelligent man, an opportunity to stand out and pick up more often than the other guys who don’t give a shit about their appearance. You will be hated for it by other men but you don’t have to care about them.

If you also have a good grasp of body language and how to use it to determine what women are giving you buying signals, you will have an enormous advantage compared to other guys who have no idea about such concepts. When you get really good at it, you should be able to walk into a crowded nightclub and make a mental count at the number of women displaying positive body language toward you, go up to each of these women, ask their name and make some small talk and at the end of 5 to 10 minutes, ask them for their home phone number and then go on to the next one. My recommendation is for you to go out on your own and not to even bother going out with your male friends as they are just a distraction in your goal of meeting women and getting home phone numbers.

This is not to say that bars, pubs and nightclubs are great environments for meeting decent women – they generally are not. You will probably meet some good women, but you will also meet a lot of ‘bad’ women who hate men and will give you a hard time about your ‘womanizing’ behaviour. I personally gave up on this environment some years ago and if I found myself single again I would not go back. It’s just not worth the time and effort. I made up a spreadsheet at one point of the amount of nights I went out, how many women I spoke to, how many I picked up, how many I had a one night stand with, etc and the ‘yield’ or success rate of nightclubs, bars and clubs was far too low to be worth the effort. Even when I met a lot of women and got a heap of home phone numbers, the number of women who made it past the 10 date mark was so low as for the whole process to not be worth it. For one night stands it could be worth it, but that opens up other problems and risks. When you have a one night stand, you risk your body with a complete stranger. In many ways, you are better off going to a prostitute (prostitution is legal in Australia) as you can be more certain that the rules and regulations regarding brothels help to ensure that the women working their are healthy. Prostitution is still illegal in some countries and if you are reading this article from one of these countries, please be smart and do not break the law.

When a man hits his late 20’s to early 30’s he starts to think about potentially getting married or at least meeting decent women. In general, you want to concentrate on building your business, doing well in your job, building a great body and doing what you love. If you do this you will attract a decent woman into your life and wont have to worry about picking up in nightclubs or using prostitutes. Generally, like attracts like and when you find yourself becoming successful, you will be able to attract women much more easily anyway as women, in general are attracted to money, power and success. In your 20’s you don’t have much money or power, women know this and it gives them a distinct advantage as they are at their most attractive and can pick and choose the men they date. Something interesting occurs however when a man get’s into his 30’s and is still single – especially if he is tall, has kept himself fit, healthy, has a full head of hair (propecia is useful for this), has a good education and has some money and power. A ‘switch’ occurs where women find themselves getting older and start to become obsessed with having a home and family. Men they would not have considered in their 20’s suddenly become much more attractive now that they have a successful career or own their own profitable business. These men become hot commodities and now it is the women who are competing for you – the successful man! You, as an intelligent man, have noticed this and seize the opportunities to date the once young and beautiful women. You can now be Mr Unavailable, Mr Non Commitment or Mr Player. You have worked hard during your 20’s and now you have combined your intelligence with your muscular and ripped body, YOU now get the chance to pick and choose. You will come across plenty of the types of women who did not give you the time of day during your 20’s. Remember her? She was the stuck up princess at the bar who wouldn’t look at you let alone give you her home phone number. Now you find her lying next to you the morning after the night before asking if she gets to see you again 😉

As an intelligent man you have worked hard during your 20’s and built a successful life. You have saved some cash, have a successful career or a business and have built or are building a beautiful body in the gym and want to make the most of the social benefits that these attributes give you with women. You have noticed the switch has occurred and you seem to be in more demand than you were in your 20’s. I think it’s time to take advantage of these opportunities Mr Player, Mr Non Commitment or is it Mr Emotionally Unavailable? You have 1 life and 1 chance to have a great time. All that work you did in your 20’s is starting to pay big dividends in your 30’s. Enjoy yourself! That beautiful body you have been working on in the gym did not come easily. Put it to good use socially. Compete successfully with other men to meet the best women, avoid the women with a chip on their shoulder who hate men, have fun, put that beautiful body to good use.

Clarke Towson is a bodybuilder and researches and practices how to build a beautiful body based on darwinian evolutionary principles, writes books, creates fitness films and blogs about his physical transformation through bodybuilding, orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. His first book ‘Succeeding – A Self Improvement Journey’ is available now exclusively from

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