Can Plump Women Really Get Attractive Men?

Do you feel like your looks are always holding you back from getting the man of your dreams? Wondering if a guy will ever really find you attractive? Think you’ll never date a truly attractive man? Well the truth is, that beauty is not all that attracts guys, and any guy who is only going to look at physical beauty is not worth your time.

While it may be true than many young men look only at a woman’s physical looks when trying to find the right girl to ask out, but as men get older they get wiser. What this means is that they begin to really see that personality and chemistry are far more important than a thin body. The idea is knowing that even though he might not approach you at first, you still have the charm and personality that will win him over in the end.

How do you do this? By finding out yourself just what is great about your personality. Finding those things that you know any guy would find irresistible. Then when you go out to meet him or meet guys in general, focus on those good points. Let your confidence grow and let that show on the outside.

Always have a big welcoming smile on your face. Strike up a conversation with any guy that you want to talk to you. Have that big, powerful personality that makes him laugh and smile and that he just can’t say no to. Men know that you can grow to be attracted to someone if they have that perfect personality but you can’t grow someone the right personality, no matter how attractive they are.

Many men will also view those model type women as either unattainable or as having a very egotistical personality. While these may be clich├ęs, there’s nothing wrong in using that to your advantage. Show them the benefits of being with you over trying with those other girls, if you’re confident enough you’ll gain their attention.

Even if they talk and spend time with you because you’re the fun girl and not necessarily because they see you as date material, most long lasting relationships start off as friendships. Being his friend to start out is half the battle.

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