Talking to Guys – Learn the Art of Making Conversation

Are you great a talking to guys you’ve just met and hope to impress? Or do you find yourself at a loss for words when you’re in conversation with a hot, eligible man? Do you want to know how to make conversation in a way that will get his attention? Striking up a winning conversation with a hot guy can be difficult and intimidating for many women. But you can learn how to talk to a man if you use a few simple tactics. Most importantly, be yourself! Don’t let your nerves get in the way of your natural people skills. Talking to guys can be fun and easy if you follow these rules.

Focus on him. Guys are notorious for talking about themselves. They are genetically programmed to be somewhat narcissistic, so if you find yourself floundering for a topic of conversation, ask him about himself. He will love the attention. Engage in the conversation by asking questions. This will show that you are interested in whatever he’s saying, and he’ll be happy that he has an attentive audience. Sometimes guys are slow to open up, so if you come across a guy who seems hesitant to talk, don’t give up on him. He might not be blowing you off at all. Instead, he may simply be shy and in need of a little encouragement.

To help shy guys open up and talk to you, or to keep a conversation afloat, focus on topics that obviously interest him. Sports might be out of your reach, but you can often find common ground like movies, music, or art. Talking to a guy is just a matter of finding mutual interests. Just be sure to stay away from sensitive issues like past relationships or how much money he makes.

Let him know you’re interested and appreciative of him. One way to do this is to laugh at some of his jokes-even the ones that aren’t funny. Keep it as sincere as possible. Don’t laugh loudly every time he says something vaguely witty or he will know what you’re up to!

The guidelines will help you feel more comfortable when talking to guys, and with a little practice you’ll become a great conversationalist.

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