Tips On Getting The Perfect Smart Yet Casual Look

The smart/ casual dress code is the bane of every man who isnt a social butterfly. The very need for the stroke signifies that whilst it both smart and casual, its really neither. Smart/casual is far simpler for women than men, as so much of a womans wardrobe can be either smart or casual depending on what you wear it with. Mens wardrobes however are a little more polarised.

If the very presence of those words sends you into a cold sweat then this article is just what you need! Well handle everything from clothes and accessories to footwear. Itll help you get to grips with a smart/casual dress code and look stylish in the process.

Open Collared Shirts

It is generally accepted that a shirt is required for smart/casual dress. Try a patterned shirt with an open collar or a plain shirt under a jumper for perfect smart/ casual etiquette. A tie is not usually required.

You could even opt for a polo shirt or a collarless shirt if you feel comfortable sitting on the more casual side. If you prefer a t-shirt then go for a plain style.


Dark dress trousers are a good idea for smart/casual functions. Particularly if theyre work related. A general rule for finding which end of the scale to aim for is whether its related to the office or is purely a social event – often more personal occasions allow a little more leeway. Casual trousers like cotton styles or canvas trousers can also be a good choice. Theyre a bit more formal than jeans and will look good with a shirt.


If you hate to be separated from your jeans then youll be pleased to know if you have the right pair they can be worn to smart/casual functions. Opt for a dark, plain dyed pair without fashion detailing or fading.

If you do opt for jeans then a smart belt is absolutely essential. Choose a plain leather style with a smart and simple buckle. Whilst its ok to err on the more casual style you still want to look smart, and its best not to rely on too many fashion features.


Smarter shoes are a necessity when it comes to smart/casual. At very least choose a smart leather trainer in a dark colour, but a dress shoe is probably best.

Avoid sports trainers at all costs. These can undermine even the slickest of smart/casual outfits.


A jacket is a good idea at most smart/casual events. Most types are of, if in doubt wear a casual blazer or fitted jacket. Alternatively a smart jumper or cardigan can be sufficient on warmer days.


When it comes to smart/casual accessories its best to stay on the smarter side. Like previously mentioned its worth wearing a smart leather belt. Similarly a bag should be on the smarter side. If you wear jewellery then simple is best. A silver or gold chain is plenty.

If in doubt

If you simply cant decipher how smart a particular functions smart/casual needs to be, then ask. Theres no shame in double-checking a dress code. It just shows that youre fashion conscious and want to look good.

If you cant ask then stick to smart trousers and shoes with an open collared shirt. This is the basic smart/casual uniform and is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the smart/casual sliding scale.

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