Hair Growing Tips For Men

It’s not common to find such advice in forums and web blogs dedicated to men’s fashion but here we’re going to cover it nontheless, this is because growing out your hair as a man is a difficult process. In this article you’ll find step by step guide of how you can grow your hair and how to keep it long and looking good for longer, just follow the tips below keenly and you’ll realize your long hair goal in no time.

Make it a goal

Like everything else in life, you’ll require a goal that motivates you to achieve the desired result, the same applies to growing out your hair, you can look for a gallery of long hair for men and select a style based on a model that resembles your hair type and face shape. Cut out the style or print it and have it handy to communicate your goal to your hairdresser. This is a good way to stay motivated.

Keep it realistic

Choose a hairstyle that matches your hair type and facial shape, keep in mind that you cannot achieve the loose and flowing Johny Deep look if you’ve got course or curly hair. Select something that matches your hair type and also looks elegant.

Keep it trimmed

Take your hair for trimming once every six or eight weeks, light trimming by your barber will ensure that the hair looks neat and healthy, this is also important in shaping the hair so that it grows out to the final style without becoming bushy and unsighty.

Patience pays

Growing hair takes time and since hair grows at approximately half an inch a month and nothing besides a good diet can be done to speed up the process, you’ll require lots of patience along the way to achieve your goal. This means that if you’re transitioning from say a buzzcut to a Zac Efron style, then this is probably a years worth of waiting.

This same phase is unavoidable if you have hair that is very short to do anything worthwhile with. Talk to your hair stylist and find out about the type of hair products and styling options that can help you through the initial stages.

Good care is a must

Guys with very short hair don’t find treating it an issue business because their head always has hair at the end of the month. This is the opposite for guys with long hair because they have to treat it and generally take very good care of the long hair. When long hair becomes damaged then there is little you can do with it besides cutting it off, this means you should avoid damaging things like aggressive towel drying, tight ponytails and swimmers hair.

Growing out hair can be a challenging and fun at the same time, but with the right preparation, realistic goals and proper care and maintenance, you’ll look well groomed and stylish all along the way. Best luck with your hair growing.

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