Buns and Thigh Specialization Workout Routines For Women

Buns and thighs are the body parts of women where they amass the most body fat. To control the development of body fat and to lose it, it is important for such women to follow a balanced diet plan, daily workout and other exercises viz. Cardiovascular exercises.

The weight exercise is an easy way to adequately figure up the muscles of buns and thighs not only providing an attractive shape but also it boosts the metabolism and helps in increasing the fat burning activity, thus reducing significant calories.

As discussed earlier, the cardiovascular exercise is a short cut to reduce extra calories. In order to drop fat of the body, a woman is required to generate a slender caloric deficit where additional calories are burned than what the intake should be on a specified day? For instance, if one chomp through 1300 calories but burn 1500, she is registering a deficit of 20 calories that allows her body to reduce body fat. Given that, the macro-nutrient ratios of fats, proteins and carbohydrates remain in line so that the women going for such fat reducing workouts should get toned buns and thighs and firm looking body shape.

Buns and Thighs Workout Routines

The routine workouts should be performed on every alternative day. For instance, if you begin on Tuesday, the next exercising day should be Thursday and not Wednesday. For that matter, one has to practice alot. Practice, chock-full contraction and satiated extension on each exercise. It should be made sure that the exercise should be done in a controlled tempo and with full motions. The set of exercise should be in order where one has to take around two seconds to move the weight up and exhale and the other two seconds to lower it down and inhale. Focus on the muscles being worked out.

For Thighs Exercise

Legs should be extended with toes in and the repetitions should be 13 to 15 times in 2 sets. For Dumbbell squats it is important to use a shoulder width and hold the dumbbell by your side. Again there will be two sets with 13 to 15 repetitions.

For Buns Exercise

Here one has to make legs curl. This should also be in two sets with the same thirteen to fifteen repetitions. Use of Butt Blaster Machine is the key to this exercise. Again this would be in two sets with a recurrence of thirteen to fifteen times.

For Calves Exercise

Furthermore, when standing, raise the calves and repeat it in a set of two with the recurrence of 13 to 15 times.

This process should be done on alternative days as the muscles take some time for recovery in the initial stages. It is very important for the person who is doing the exercise that the rest time should not exceed 1 minute between the sets. Regular practicing plays a predominant part in such exercises. For the exercise one should make sure that the body should be in full motion following full range contractions and extensions. And this strategy should prolong till the time you start getting the positive results.

Final Word:

One should keep this in mind that your heart beat should remain stable. For a healthy outcome one should choose music of her own choice in order to enjoy the whole process and not to get bored very often.


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