Arm Tattoos For Guys Review

Arm tattoos for guys become one of the most popular tattoo types today. More and more men are getting their arms inked with them. Also, it is really hard to find today some celebrity rock star or actor or sportsman that don’t wear at least one arm tattoo. This might be a reason why these tattoos accomplished such a fast popularity growth! But what are the most popular arm tattoos for guys today?

Armband tattoos. It is hard to say whether they are the most popular arm tattoos or not. But it is for sure that they are on a top of the list! Armband tattoos are thin designs wrapped around an upper arm on biceps area. These tattoos are very useful for highlighting well built biceps of the wearer. So, these are not recommended for slim skinny men who would look a bit ridiculous wearing armband tattoos with nothing to show off!

Shoulder tattoos. These are very attractive tattoos, providing you large space on upper arm for bigger design. Very popular shoulder tatto8o designs are cross designs. Also, shoulder is popular spot for placing memorial tattoos. Through these designs, men remember their lost loved ones. Dragon designs or koi fish designs men tend to choose very often when it comes to shoulder designs.

Half sleeve tattoos. These kinds of tattoos provide even more space for placing a design. Half sleeve area, either on upper arm from shoulder to the elbow, or on forearm from elbow to the wrist is ideal place and is enough space to really show off with your tattoo. Such a large space really gives many possibilities for including person’s creativity and for message or meaning this person wants to send out with his tattoo. Half sleeve tattoo can be consisted in a group of many small tattoos placed on arm during the time, or can be placed on arm as one large design.

Full sleeve tattoos. Well, if looking for an absolute knockout in arm tattoo art, then this is it! These tattoos cover the whole arm sleeve area making your skin almost invisible, since it is fully covered with this large tattoo. So, if half sleeve tattoos are all that huge and cool and give a lot of space for real art, the full sleeve kind is an atomic bomb in tattoos world. They are very very expensive and it takes really long time to finish such a project, because many visit sessions at tattoo artist are needed for completing this project.

All above mentioned arm tattoos for guys types are really cool and it really depends on person’s aspiration which one to choose. Some people tend to wear tattoos that are easy to hide, so they choose all kinds of upper arm tattoos, like shoulder or armband or even half sleeve tattoo on upper arm, because nature of their job is such where it is inappropriate to show their tattoo. There could be medical reasons why somebody chooses one kind of tattoos over the other, etc, etc. However, whatever arm tattoo you choose, be sure that it is really what you want! The thing is you don’t want to change your mind when it is already too late. Enjoy!

My name is Thomas and I like everything that is connected to tattoos. Since I am a guy and since arm tattoos are my kwan I found it pretty logicaly to talk here about arm tattoos for men. If you would want to discover more on what I have to say about these tattoos, please visit this fine arm tattoos site.

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