This Year’s Fashion Do’s For Guys And Women

2011 is the year for the fifties and the seventies fashion comeback. In fact, some designers even dare to combine their latest fashion collections with more earth-toned colors, sequins and military look all in one. As early as now, teenagers are already cramming on finding the right prom dress that would fit for the season’s fashion trend. If you would only spend a little more time doing a little research on the latest when it comes to the must-haves of the season, you won’t have to waste too much time.

High-waisted flare pants are simply as chic as they were. In fact, some girls are even considering them for their Junior & Senior prom night. Sequins and other studded materials are back so you can bring back your grandmother’s shiny and shimmery clothes and accessories once more. You won’t even have to worry about people talking over your sequined Capri pants as you strut your stuff out in the streets. You can either pair it up with a knitted poncho or you can wrap yourself with some great and oversized Pashmina shawl. As for me, I would choose to wear an oversized cashmere stole because it actually flatters my flat and sleek body.

When looking for clothes, make sure to get something more earth-toned. Camel is the hottest shade this year and it would be best if you would get those that have a military touch in it. For the men, it would be smarter to get a suit that resembles a military uniform in dark camel color for your prom. You might also want to sport a clean look by pairing your military top with some nice boots which is really sophisticated in a lot of sense. Something that looks like a safari outfit would be as hot as Africa this year so you might want to include that to your list. If you hate ironing your clothes because it takes so much time, then I suggest you consider getting broadcloth shirt instead.

Plaid colors are also this year’s hottest pick when it comes to patterned fabrics. It would be best to get flannel shirts because you can be sure that it’s a breathable kind of cloth. It will not make you sweat during summer but it will undoubtedly keep you warm during the cold winter days. You can also pair up your plaid flannel shirts with dark denim jackets. Plaid shirts have been around since last year and I think it will be here to stay for a few more months. Fashion flies so fast nowadays that you will really have a hard time catching up with the latest. I suggest you check for the latest trends on a regular basis just to keep up with it.

This year, accessorizing is the key to success. As much as you want to go plain, you will have the need to add some tiny little details to avoid going bare. Bare is the new nude and accessorizing is the new plain. For both men and women, choosing the right accessories will either make or break your entire fashion getup so I suggest you select your details wisely

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