Popular Hair Styling Tips For Guys

The concept of hairstyling for men is often very different to a man than it is for a woman. While it seems as though women have a plethora of hairstyles to choose from to fit their unique sense of overall style, guys may think that their options are limited. The masculine element of the male psyche tends to hold back the average guy from realizing that there are in fact numerous hairstyling options available. Skilled hands, an eye for the latest hair cutting trends and the right tools can offer plenty of possibilities for guys.

The modern guy can easily have a hairstyle that fits his persona as uniquely as his favorite blazer or pair of designer shoes. One of the most popular hairstyles which can be attained with any adept stylist and a trusty set of professional hair clippers is the “messy” style. This hair style, popularized by a good number of celebrity males in most cases requires a good length of hair and a willingness to experiment. The hair is usually stiffened or spiked with gel or hair spray in a nonuniform fashion upwards and outwards from the scalp. While it may look like you just rolled out of bed, if you do it properly, the casual observer will know you put time and planning into your hairdo. The origin of the “messy” hairstyle look is often attributed to the new age rocker look from the eighties.

For the balding male, hair styling can be a sensitive subject. If you are balding down the middle, the comb over is always an option. It is important to realize that the comb over in general is pretty obvious and may not be the best option. Experiment with keeping your haircut extra short, or perhaps just doing away with it altogether. The completely bald look may actually work better then partially bald.

Popular with military and law enforcement personnel, the high and tight hair cut offers an authoritative and professional look. Although not necessarily the most unique style, it easily portrays a traditional, clean cut image appropriate for casual and formal environments. Even though closely shaved back and sides are the most common attribute often associated with high and tight, variations can also include gradual fading without the shaved look.

These hairstyles are just a few of the many available options for men. The best approach is to go with what feels the most comfortable for you.

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