Men’s Office Fashion : Style Advice And Tips

Every man knows that looking good in the office is important – no matter how great you are at your job, personal appearance is considered by bosses to be a factor in deciding which candidate they go with. So make sure you look smart but stylish with a single-breasted suit in classic colors such as black, blue or grey. This timeless, tailored look is flattering on every man and will look great no matter what shirt and tie you wear with it. A great investment that will last you years.

Alternatively, you could get yourself a smart dress suit that will be just as good at formal work events as it will in the office. The exemplary tailoring on this suit means everyone can wear it and a good piece will never go out of style. They are particularly great for more formal offices and again, go with muted, dark colors to ensure your suit goes with everything and means you can busy yourself building a brilliant professional reputation rather than worrying what you look like.

To accompany your fantastic suit, it’s vital that you have a good pair of shoes as these can make or break an outfit. If you get a really good pair of dark leather – preferably black – shoes, you’ll be able to wear them with everything, making them a great investment. You can add your own style stamp here by choosing between polished and brushed leather, lace-up or slip on. Go for something interchangeable that you can wear with anything for maximum style and practicality.

The little details also really matter when it comes to office style and the belt and tie can make or break the man. Here, stick to discreet but stylish. Investing in a few good ties – you could try silk in muted block color or simple patterns –means no one will notice if you wear the same suit days in a row. A good belt works wonders, too – a good leather piece that does its job is ideal here. You don’t want to be drawing attention to yourself with cracked leather.

Top off your fantastic outfit with a bit of personal grooming to ensure you have perfect office style from head to toe. A lot of offices like their workers to look neat and tidy, so consider going for a clean shave or neat stubble as full beards are certainly not for everyone. A good shave will top off your look, making an impression for all the right reasons and letting you get on with being brilliant at your job without having to worry about what you’re wearing.

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