Formal Suits

Are you looking for formal dresses to wear at work or at business parties? So, if you’ve been trying hard to find the right dress, look no further; bssretail has the best variety of dresses, suitable for any occasion.

The collection at bssretail ranges from Italian suits, evening gowns, hats, hand bags, prom dresses, perfume gift sets, wigs and much more from world renowned designers.

The formal dresses from the chancelle collections or Donna Vinci collections are amazing. Chancelle collection offers a wide range of well designed formal suits in Irish, bronze, brown, red, navy, black and ivory black colors. These formal suits come with the matching hats that give a beautiful completion to your looks.

The vecceli Italy handbags are particularly the ones to die for. They are animal skin handbags in ostrich, ostrich beige, crocodile red, ostrige red, and snake brown colors. These hand bags go superbly well with most formal dresses at bssretail.

Apart from the formal dresses, there is a wide variety of evening dresses collection from Annabelle, couture and several other renowned designer brands. The evening dresses are available in lovely colors ranging from mauve, gold, ivory, green, black, silver, olive and multi prints, and are the best suited for a magnificent evening.

The couture collection of evening dresses includes the most uniquely designed prom dresses. Some are strapless rouched taffeta; some have beautifully designed drapes, while others come with tube top style bodice. The prom dresses come in leopard skin print and in sorset necklines with spaghetti straps. These are exclusive, innovative and are a ‘must have’ for a beautiful wardrobe. The rainbow colored low back prom attire is sure to flatter others and then there is the extremely sensuous taffeta prom in lemon green to take your breath away!

Whether you want to make an immediate statement with the glittering evening dresses, or display focus and sophistication with formal dresses, bssretail has the best collection to suit your taste.

The Donna Vinci hats collection is a perfect match with most formal dresses. These hats are superbly designed; one size fits all and come in several colors. These are made of superior quality material for a beautiful woman to wear with great attitude.

The formal dresses include the superbly designed executive suits with excellent color combinations. Available in navy, silver, latte print, chocolate, black, beige, black and off white and fuchsia colors. These come in two-piece jackets as well.

You should check out the lace wigs made of real hair, marching bag and hat collection and perfume gift sets.

The Stacy Adams formal dresses collection and other church suits are available in several refreshing colors. These are unique, and beautifully designed to make you look tall, graceful and elegant.

The Susana collection of church suits and other formal dresses are traditional yet modern in finish. They come with matching hats and hand bags. The material is soft, smooth and wrinkle free. These designer dresses are every woman’s dream and are conveniently affordable. The price tags are very attractive on most formal dresses, church suits and prom dresses.

Some of the other formal dresses, church suits and evening dresses at bss retail are the impressive and elegant terramina collections, refreshing quinceanera dresses, beautiful prom dresses, Lisa Rene collections and champagne Italy suits.

Bssretail offers a wide variety of formal dresses, evening dresses and church suits. These dresses come in unique designs, excellent quality material and impressive price tags. These are sure to be head- turners for a woman with style and attitude.

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