Basics To Wear Suits

This article presents an overview of the some of the basic tips that you need to follow. It presents you with an insight on what to wear and what not to wear with the mens suit. Some of the do’s that you need to follow are when you are in the process of selecting the best attire for you are as follows:

• Some of the color suits that are very much appreciated in the corporate attire are the navy blue colored suits, charcoal suits and the black colored suit; whereas on the other hand the most acceptable colored suits for the office attire are the dark olive colored suits or even the brown colored suits.

• Suits like the thin pinstripe, men’s solid color suits is acceptable

• The number of the buttons that is considered as most suitable for the mens suit jacket is 2-3 button.

• It is always advisable that you wear the hundred percent wool knitting suits or you can also go in for the woolen blend suits

• When you are wearing the three button or the four button suit it is always advisable that you leave the last button of the jacket open

Some of the things that you need to take into account that should not be followed are as follows:

• It is important that you do not wear the suits that are brightly colored for the formal occasions

• Further do not choose the fabrics that have the capability of getting wrinkled very easily

• Further it is also important to remember the fact that you need to avoid the bold prints or patterns that are quite easily visible from a distance

Some of the tips that you need to follow with regards to your shirts are as follows:

• Ensure that you choose to wear the long sleeves shirts

• Try and wear the shirts that are hundred percent cotton or atleast that are a blend of cotton

• Some of the colors that you need to go in for are white, cream, almond and even pale blue. These are some of the colors that have a formal look with them.

• Further it is important to note that the sleeves should be atleast ¼ to ½ inch beyond the jacket

• Further another important point that you need to take into account with regards to good fitting is that ensure that the shirt collar is atleast ½ to ¾ inch beyond the neck.

Some of tips that you should not exercise under any circumstance are as follows:

• Ensure that you do not wear the short sleeved shirts

• Avoid the usage of the shiny materials like rayon or Saturn, they do not render you the professional look

• Do not go in for the shirts that have very bold and vibrant patterns or stripes.

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