Live function band for my wedding

So you’ve set a date, invited mom and picked a china pattern (do people still really do that?). Father Mulligan is ready and the church is booked, the invitations are sent. You even invited your aunt Sue, and yes she will drink too much again. This is your big day, you have been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. Everything will be perfect, your hair, your dress, even the huge reception you have planned. The kicker is the entertainment you planned… your cousin “the dj” spinning records! Wrong, this is one of the most important days of your life you cannot trust this to just any one.

You need to consider some of the wedding function bands that are out there, a group of true professionals who can customize the music to you and your needs. Seriously you hired a caterer for the foods why not have the music catered as well? Wedding function bands are not your little brother’s garage band. These people are talented musicians, ready to play on your big day. Some function bands will even theme a show for specific occasions.

Themes include rockabilly, the seventies or the eighties. A quick internet search will almost instantly overwhelm you with options. You will find websites for the bands themselves, Wikipedia listings, as well as do it your self-band booking web sites. If your wedding is anything like mine was you don’t want or really need more do it yourself stuff. That is why there are companies that can also be found online to advise you on the best wedding function band to fit your exact needs. One of the main advantages in hiring a function band is the “party in a box” ready to go nature of this business. However, the single most important reason to hire a professional live function band , as opposed to a dj or the guys down the road, is the memory factor.

After all this is your big day, the day that you have been dreaming of since you were little. Everyone has been to an event with pre-recorded tunes, but every one, everyone will always remember the rocking’ function band that you booked for your wedding.

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