The Right Kind Of Thermals Radiator Calculator

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is not, thankfully, something that your granny will insist on buying you for Christmas. Thats an altogether different type of thermal. The BTU is, however, an un-nerving phrase that will be bandied carelessly about by builders and plumbers when helping you to make decisions on building, improving or upgrading your home. Getting a heating system right, especially in the fickle British climate, is a crucial part of design and renovation. Although it may seem daunting, its worth having a grasp on the science!

The Basics

The BTU is a very basic measurement of thermal energy what we more commonly call heat. A single BTU is the amount of energy required to heat a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. In terms of energy consumption a BTU is approximately one third of a watt-hour. The BTU is the standard measurement for heating appliances and radiators. As the measurement also works in reverse it is also used for air conditioning systems.

The Complicated Bit

Simple enough, but how do you calculate the amount of heat, the BTU capacity of your radiators, that will be required to heat your home? This is the difficult part and best left to the professionals however there are a number of BTU or radiator calculators available online. The basic measurements you will need are the heights, widths and depths of the room to be heated. You will also need to consider the temperature required inside and the extremes of temperatures outside. Some of the more complex calculators will require further details on the types of glazing and insulation in the building. With these figures to hand you can use an online radiator calculator to get a good idea of the BTU output youll require.

The Next Step

Unless you are one, its time to call or email the professionals! Hopefully you now have a basic idea of the BTU requirement for your project. However, getting the most efficient use out of your heating system is something that shouldnt be left to chance or to any mistakes made along the way! Suppliers and manufacturers are experienced professionals who will be able to confirm your calculations. Having a working idea of the requirements is useful and certainly, if you are managing a project yourself, helps to give you a sense of control! While a radiator calculator is a great tool the final calculations should always be left to a professional. Reputable manufacturers will offer the services of a heating engineer and knowledgeable staff who can help you complete your figures, taking into account more detailed variables.

And Finally

With your calculations complete and some helpful advice gathered along the way you will be able to come to some informed decisions about the type and size of radiators you will need to complete your project.

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