Modern Man – Flirting Tips For Shy Guys

As a shy guy, you know that it can be embarrassing or even painful to be shy. You know the feeling when you are at a party, there are a lot of people laughing and having a great time and you wish you felt like that. You probably stand and join in with a small group of people but do not say much. You either do not want to speak up because you do not want to look stupid or you are so shy and nervous you blank out and cannot even think of anything to say. You wish you were more outgoing or you wish you could leave the party and be back to your home where you feel comfortable.

It is even more painful when you are out and you see a beautiful woman that you want to meet. You do not dare go up and talk to her as you know she will not go out with you. Plus, you know you would probably end up looking and sounding like a complete fool to her. So you let another romantic possibility slip through your hands.

With practice you can learn flirting tips for men. One of the first flirting tips for shy guys is to practice your entrance into a room. Do not laugh at this as people can read your body language and tell if you are shy right from the moment they lay their eyes on you. Think of how you walk into a room. Do you walk in and immediately put your head down or look away from all of the people? A bell goes off and lets everyone know you are shy. You need to walk into a room, head held eye, spine up straight and your shoulders back. You walk into a room like you own it. This is how the alpha male will walk into a room and people take notice that this guy has got confidence.

After you are in the room, look slowly all around you and evaluate every woman in the room. Do not just go for the hot and extra sexy women. Look at all of the women and see if they are looking at you. Look at them one by one. If a woman looks at you, hold your gaze at her and nod. This will show you are interested in her and that you would like to get to know her better. She may look down but no worry, when a woman looks down it is part of nature that she is taking the old submissive habit women are born with. Looking down means she is interested in you. All of this time you probably thought when a woman looked down she was not interested in you. That is, if you kept looking at a woman once she looked at you without quickly looking away since you are a shy person.

When the woman looks back at you, keep your eyes on her and walk on over to her. One of the flirting tips for shy guys is to just be you. Do not put the pressure on yourself that you have to take this girl home tonight. Just think of it as going to meet a new person. She is probably nervous talking to you and if you are do not show it. Women want a man that is very sure of himself. The more you practice this flirting tip for men, the better at it you will become. Set a goal for yourself to talk to a certain amount of women per day that you would like to get to know better.

When you do talk to the woman, ask her about herself and pay attention to what she says. Smile at her and be positive. You never know, she may say something like she enjoys comedy movies, especially when Ben Stiller is in it. That could be your cue to ask her out on a date for the latest comedy movie playing at your local movie theatre. Or you could even invite her over to your home to watch a comedy movie the following weekend. By listening to what the woman is saying, you are sure to pick up on clues to ask her out.

Flirting Tips For Men

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