Dating Tips For Shy Guys – Take Control of Your Life

The first thing that you really need to understand is that its not unnatural to be shy. Everyone, even the most extroverted guys often suffer from shyness or embarrassment even if they don’t make it obvious. People often think that I’m being harsh when I give out dating tips for shy guys, but that’s never my intention. You see, sometimes you need to give out a bit of tough love to shy people. I know, because I used to be incredibly shy until I met someone who’s become a firm friend and they gave me the same advice I’m giving you now. Basically, everyone has the ability within them to be outgoing and confident, but sometimes its hard to let that break of through their outer defenses. And very often shyness is just that – a defense mechanism.

Shyness is often seen as a sign of weakness and neediness, but most of the time that’s a complete misconception. Unfortunately, many women don’t see this, when they see a shy guy, they perceive someone who’s weak and a bit of a pathetic creature. But that’s not you right? Of course its not, so you need to put them straight.

One good indicator of shyness is a guys body language, often it can look weak. One of my major tips for shy guys is to adjust your posture. Its old advice but its sound advice, don’t slouch, straighten up, look people in the eye. Don’t be afraid to walk proud and talk with authority, if you project a feeling of strength women will respect that.

Next, be more confident and assertive. You don’t need to start ordering people about, most women hate that in any case, and don’t become aggressive. Bizarrely, being outwardly aggressive can actually make you seem weaker, not stronger – just think ‘small man syndrome’ and you will understand what I mean.

The last of my tips for shy guys is to become more confident. Do things on a daily basis that you know you are good at, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. This will build your self belief. Every once in a while tackle something you are uncomfortable with, when you succeed in this new task, your confidence will take a huge leap. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Just get out there and start taking control of situations. Women will adore you for this and respect you immensely, and this in turn will make you feel better. After all success breeds success as they say.

If you are a shy guy who really could do with some help then I hope you enjoyed some of my tips. To take it to the next level and get a whole arsenal of killer tips and techniques, I suggest you check out this amazing website

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