Dressing a Plus Size Apple Body

Every woman wants to look her very best at all times. In order to dress in the most flattering way, it helps to know what body type you are. If you have a full bust, thick waist, carry weight in you upper back, and appear top heavy you have are what is referred to as an apple body type. Apple body types tend to have thin arms, hips and legs in comparison to the torso.

If you are an apple there are certain fashion rules that you should follow in order to achieve your best look. You will want to avoid tops with ruffles that accentuate your heavier upper half. Along the same line, you should not wear tops with puffy sleeves, as it will only accentuate the largest area of your body. You can camouflage your stomach region by wearing garments with empire waist. Tops should cover the tummy area and fall approximately mid hip or lower. Tunic tops can work nicely for an apple shaped woman. Necklines such as a v-neck, brings attention to the face. Boat neck tops can be worn to achieve the same effect. Wearing an attention-getting necklace, in addition, will also help emphasize your face. Layering a shirt over a tank top is a flattering look for apples. Wearing a low slung belt can help to minimize the derriere.

Although it is tempting to showcase your thin legs, apples should avoid wearing skinny pants. An exception to this rule, however, is if you pair skinny pants, or leggings, with a long tunic top. This look can actually help make your body appear more balanced. Flared capris can work nicely and will show off you slender ankles. Generally, you should wear wide-legged pants as this will also help to balance your body. Look for jeans with both front and back pockets. This can help to hide your thick middle. Apples should avoid wearing pleated pants as this will only accentuate the stomach area. The same principles apply to choosing skirts. Apples should not wear tight fitting skirts because, again, this will only accentuate the upper part of your body and make you appear even more top heavy. Look for skirts that are fuller and/or flare. In addition, be sure that the skirts you choose have high waistlines, which helps de-emphasize you middle region.

Although the apple shape is considered by some to be the most difficult body type to clothe properly, using the above hints can make an apple girl look her very best.

Deborah McDowell writes for Pure Fashion For Plus Size Women, a regularly updated blog that brings honest and impartial reviews of plus size clothing.

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