Dating Tips For Guys – Appeal to Her Senses

Many guys are stumped or really don’t care about doing subtle things in order to impress and keep a woman’s attention. These dating tips for guys focus upon appealing to a woman’s senses in order to either gain her attention or keeping her attention after gaining it. Smelling good, looking sharp, and giving her good things to hear will always work in helping you to either get or keep the object of your affections.

1. Your Appearance – Your clothes should be fashionable and clean. Make sure that you are well shaven or that your facial hair is neatly trimmed. These all appeal to a woman’s sense of sight and should not be taken lightly. Stay up to date with fashion trends and dress yourself according to your budget. It doesn’t cost alot to look presentable. Once you’re on point with your appearance, let’s stimulate her sense of smell…

2. Smelling Good – Wear good quality cologne, use nice smelling body wash/soap/shampoo. Don’t go overboard with the cologne, a dab behind both ears and two dabs on each wrist should get the point across. Have your place smelling good as well. You won’t be a girlie man for burning scented candles. I’m sure she would rather smell the candles than to smell those socks and underwear you tucked up under the couch… Now let’s move on to pleasing her sense of hearing…

3. Tell Her Something Good – Give her compliments on how she’s looking. Whether it’s how she has her hair or how she looks in her clothing. Tell her things like “I appreciate you” or “let’s skip lunch, I’m hungry for you”. Play music for her, according to her taste.

Many dating tips deal with the trials of overcoming shyness, approaching women, etc. There are lots of ground to cover when it comes to seduction and attraction. After reading these dating tips for guys hopefully you’ll get the basic idea of to make yourself more appealing to women.

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