Men’s Stylish Casual Shoes

Keep your cool in the latest men’s casual shoes. Whether you’re looking for sporty men’s sneakers or comfortable men’s slip ons and men’s clogs, see the following stylish mens fashion shoes.

 Buck Oxfords
Well-known as a summer shoe, the buckskin or suede shoes are a break from the usual leather mens casual as well as dress shoes styles. These mens casual shoes were originally made from suede buckskin, but nowadays mostly are from calfskin.

It is different from leather mens semi casual shoes because of its nap finishing with a velvety texture which resembles greatly that of fabric. So the standard cap-toes or blucher oxfords with or without brogue can have an alternative finishing with suede to finish off your wardrobe with a difference. 

The white Buck Oxfords are made from white-colored calfskin are most suitable for the summer. However, matching against summer suits have to be careful. We would still want to maintain consistency between the color tones of the dress shoes and the suits. So light-colored cream cotton or linen suits would go best with the White Buck Oxfords.

The tan brown suede is one of the most versatile mens casual shoes styles for all seasons. The earth tone blends in well with light-colored spring/summer clothing. Yet the heavy winter clothing suits the lack-luster refinement of the brown suede.

Cap-Toe Oxfords
These oxfords have a separate leather portion at the shoe toe area. These are smart looking mens dress shoes styles but not as formal as compared the other oxfords due to its additional cap-toe detailing.

Traditional cap-toe oxfords have perforation or brogue (tiny holes punched to form patterns) on the seam separating the cap-toe and the shoe. However, these perforations can be replaced by double rows of fine stitching which is commonly found among cap-toe oxfords nowadays.

Cap-toe oxfords can have either a blucher or balmoral lacing on it. The balmoral with a plain cap-toe oxford creates mens dress shoes styles meant for the conservative men who adore minimal details with a sense of elegance.

Monk Straps
Its name is derived from the designs of footwear worn by monks in the European monasteries. The unique detail for these mens dress shoes styles lies on three portions: The strap across the instep to be fastened on the buckle located on a saddle that is on the side of the shoe.

Actually the monk straps are a combination of both slip-ons and lace-ups, but the replacement of the strap provides a closer fit around the ankle. They are suitable for both casual and business wear only, not dressy enough for formal occasions or functions.

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 Men’s Stylish Casual Shoes

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