How to Dress For Your Body Shape

So what’s a girl to do? Simple… Follow our easy step-by-step guide to choosing the right styles of what to wear and what to avoid and you can look fabulous too. Choose from the following five body shapes that is the closest match to you.

If you have an apple shape

Women are said to be apple-shaped when they are larger around the tummy than average. Finding the right clothing can prove difficult because of this. Never wear baggy clothing in the hope of hiding your waistline as this will only make matters worse. Also avoid tight fitting clothing as these will also draw attention to your stomach.

Choose styles that draw the eye away from your stomach and styles and colours that have a slimming effect such as vertical patterns and black. Tailored clothing works well as do detailed tops and dresses. Finish of with some heels or wedges (to add height and lengthen your body) and some jewellery that attracts the eye.

If you have a pear shape

Women that are said to be pear-shaped are larger around the bottom half of their body then the top half. Which can mean finding flattering clothing somewhat difficult. Stay away from tighly fitting clothing and opt for flowing lines, layers and pleats.  Choose styles that draw the eye away from your lower half by adding detailing to your top half.

If you have a pear shape

Hourglass-shaped women have larger breasts and hips relative to their waist and whilst considered by the most amount of people to be the most attractive of body shapes, care must be taken to look your best.

Stay away from bright or bold prints and full length tops and jackets that will make you look fuller then you actually are. Instead concentrate on showing off your smaller stomach with detailing around this area with fitted jackets, skirts and maybe add a belt for maximum visual effect.

If you have an inverted pear shape

Women that are said to have an inverted pear-shape when they are larger around the top half of their body than the bottom half. Try drawing the eye away from your bust by keeping the top plain and go more detailed on your lower half. A simple black top and some on-trend bleached jeans would work nicely.

Steer clear of shapeless floaty dresses and go for dresses that are fluted or flared and skirts give shape and definition to your bottom.

If you have a column shape

It doesn’t matter whether your 5 foot or 6 foot tall, column-shaped women are slender and proportioned to wear most styles. You may think that long straight clothing looks best but unless you have a flawless figure a shorter style will flatter you more.

If you’re this column-shaped but you are a bit wider then you’d like then choose clothing that will enlongate your figure and avoid overly boxy styles and go for drapes instead.

At the end of the day looking good is not about money (although having some is handy) and its not about designer labels. It is about choosing fashion to suit your body shape.

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