How to Dress For a Formal Event

Dressing up for a formal event can be quite a challenge for many. After all, not everyday do we get to attend formal functions. We were most comfortable in wearing casual instead. But of course, formal events are inevitable; we get a number of invites throughout the year. Naturally we can turn down some, but not all, invitations at our disposal. For example, prom night is one event young men would not want to miss in their senior year. Or some can skip the office holiday party this year but how about family gatherings or batch reunions, not to mention weddings, baptisms, etc?

We usually have the notion of fancy dressing for the big night. What to wear for the occasion? How to dress for the evening affair? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a fashion expert yourself or hire one to help you out. There are only basic general rules to follow, and some tips too, on how to put on the right formal wear. And for men, the whole dressing up is much simpler than it is for women.

The standard formal attire for men comprised of tuxedo, pants, white shirt and tie or bow tie, black socks, and black leather shoes.

First of all, double check the dress code indicated in your invitation. Of course you already know now that formal events require formal attire, and it’s easy to assume they’re all the same. Some people quite missed that, and end up looking the odd one out during the occasion. Actually, there could be several varieties as far as the degree of formal attire is concerned. For example, white-tie events are the most formal, and quite the rarest. Men don’t wear white tuxedos of course. They wear black tuxedos with tails, with white vest and white tie. Black-tie events require the opposite of that: tuxedos with no tails, black vest, and black tie. Also there are black tie events that lets you play with the colors of your shirt and tie.

Formal functions can be painstakingly stressful. You’re usual concern is how to carry yourself in front as you mingle with other people. Perhaps you would need to practice greeting people, shaking hands, starting conversations, etiquette etc. The last thing you want to worry about is what you’re wearing. They have to fit nicely of course but make sure you’re absolutely comfortable, particularly the fit of your attire – your tuxedo, your shirt, and your pants. They have to be appropriate with your body length of course, such as your shoulders or waist line. If it doesn’t fit right, have it fixed then to get the right adjustments.
Of course, wear black socks with black polished shine shoes.

Now you would probably wear several accessories too for the big night – a wristwatch or signet ring perhaps. Finish off your formal attire by wearing formal cufflinks too. They’re the only part of your attire that you can customize with your choice of design and color. Classic cufflinks are for formal events. The simpler, more conservative the style, the more formal the cufflinks look. Best choices would be sterling silver, gold, chrome, or platinum cufflinks. They’re great way to add style to your attire, and bring out some personality and character in you. And best of all, they never fail to make an impression.

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