Different Styles of Male Underwear

Not too stylish and not too much of an interest seeker, men seem not to care as much about the way they dress. Men don’t go for anything elaborate as a rule. Whether they are willing to admit it or not, they adhere to this rule very strictly. Choosing the right kind of underwear they buy can be rather complicated. Here’s the way to do it.

The dress that defines men’s attire are as follows: the smart business wear, the simple daily routine wear, and the rough and tough rugged wear. Regardless of the composition of a man’s outer shell, the only way to truly ascertain his personality and inner thoughts requires consideration of the types of underwear he wears. It will make him look and feel like someone else at times. While men may dress to look more macho, they usually don’t prefer elaborate undergarments when they do so, which may surprise some people.

People who dress conservatively often wear risque underwear. Consequently, this points out that unlike underwear trends and styles are also necessary in a man’s world. This is how men express their personalities, likes and dislikes.

Here are some types of underwear that provide men with comfort and stylishness that men look for in an underwear:

Briefs – There are more undergarments to choose from than ever before. Look for this when you are buying shorts. Normally briefs that are stylish and produced by Hancock and Hanes make their briefs with a very wide elastic waist that is also known as a “Y-shaped front fly”. This will allow for coverage of almost everything from the waist to the higher end of the upper legs. Ladies underwear includes a new category called the “mid-rise brief.” This one resembles a Y-configured front zipper, however it is around a couple inches beneath the waistline. Underwear that is under your waist is called a bikini brief. The cut of some men’s trousers require lower-waisted underwear.

Boxers – The comfort of the boxer short cannot be stressed too much. Boxers are stylish, popular, and well-known for good reason. Boxers are comfortable and relaxing, making them most people’s choice. They are like a pair of shorts but just softer and easier to use. Additionally there is a front fly opening which will allow for quick access when the need comes up.

The “Tapered Boxer” is another variety of boxers. These are also boxer shorts with some minor changes differentiating it from the standard design of boxer shorts. This product has openings which go up to the thighs due to the fit leg openings. The wider sides allow for freer movement. Boxers that include a slight tapering do not include the usual opening that normal boxers do, instead they have extra support in the groin area.

Jacquie Generra writes about Men’s and Fashion & Personal Care as a staff writer for HowToDoThings.com.

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