Breakup Advice For Guys – 9 Tips For Dumping Her Politely

Sometimes relationships end. People change. Priorities change. Circumstances change. When this occurs, how do you dump your girlfriend politely? Consider the following 9 tips on breakup advice for guys.

Prepare her for the breakup. Discuss your relationship or throw out leading questions. Drop a few hints that the relationship is not satisfactory to you. Pull back a little here and there…in the time you spend together and in the money you spend on her.
The best breakup advice is to be honest with her about how you feel. It may be that you do love her, but you are not “in love” with her anymore. Let her hear it from your lips before she hears it from someone else.
If you are going to end it, end it in person. Don’t wimp out here and call her on the phone to break up, or worse yet, send her a text message to break it off. You owe it to her to be a man and be there in person. Don’t discard this piece of breakup advice.
Be considerate of her feelings and find a place of neutrality for the breakup. Don’t use her place where she is left to live the memory every day.
Don’t make it complicated. Follow the breakup advice above and be honest. Just tell her that you don’t want to see her anymore. She will probably ask why and you should be prepared to give her an answer, but be brief and as kind as possible without losing your resolve.
If she is willing to listen, share your perspective with her. If she can see things through your eyes she will have an easier time dealing with the breakup later.
The next bit of breakup advice may test your resolve. If the breakup was your idea alone she will likely ask, possibly even beg you to stay or reconsider. This may happen immediately or it may occur over the next few days or weeks. Just remember the reason that you wanted to break up with her and if that is your decision, then stick to your guns and leave.
Even though there is no such thing as the perfect time to dump someone, try to avoid the big occasions, like Valentines Day, Christmas, her birthday or your anniversary. Don’t be a jerk! Also be considerate of other major things that may be happening in her life such as a promotional interview, a sickness or death in her family or even an upcoming exam. Stick with her through those times and then break up if you choose.
Let’s face it…unless she wanted this break up as much as you, she is going to cry. Be prepared for the tears and don’t let yourself get sucked in by the emotional stress of breaking up.

Regardless of what you do or say it is not going to be easy for her when you decide to call it quits, but following some of the breakup advice tips listed here should allow the breakup to go more smoothly and let you remain polite and gentlemanly in the process.

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