Shy Guys – Get Some Dating Confidence With These Simple Tips

As far as dating goes, one of the biggest barriers to success is a lack of confidence. The sad thing is, a lack of confidence, even if you manage to get a date, can turn the date into a depressing affair for both parties. So, if you need to get some dating confidence, then read on my friend.

First things first, get comfortable with your appearance. If you look good you will feel good. Dress well, it doesn’t need to be top drawer designer gear, and be smart and tidy. This will get you compliments which will, in turn boost your ego as well as creating a good impression with your partner.

Plan ahead and allow for foul ups and mistakes. Nothing can make for dating disaster quicker than someone arriving late, out of breath and flustered. You will get the date off on the wrong foot immediately and your partner may see it as a snub or lack of respect. Some dates never recover from this simple to avoid tragedy. Give yourself a chance from the outset.

Another great tip for improving your dating confidence is to stick to what you know, within limits of course. It may not be a good idea to take your date to the ball game if they hate sports, but if you play it safe and take them to see a movie its a good idea to know a little bit about the movie you are going to watch. You will impress your date with your enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject, and if you have done some research on your partner and what they like as well, so much the better. At all costs, though, avoid doing something you are obsessed with and they hate.

The reason that women like a confident man is because they feel safe and reassured by them. Watch out here though because there can be a fine line between confidence and arrogance – and its a line you definitely don’t want to cross. Being confident, even if its just an act will help relax your partner; they can leave you to sort things out while they get on with enjoying themselves.

Finally, a golden trick for dating confidence. Don’t be afraid to rehearse your lines. A few well rehearsed lines throughout the evening can work wonders for your confidence and their appreciation. Don’t learn a script like a Hollywood movie – that just wont work, but have a few choice phrases in the bag that you can pull out to really wow the socks off your date. Properly done this will be a massive confidence booster for you as well.

Finally… relax! Remember that your date is probably as , if not more, nervous than you are. Take control of the situation and be confident from the outset and you will both feel more relaxed and enjoy the evening..and maybe much more to come!

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