Common Sense To The Rescue

A man who is old enough will be in his third decade of retirement but this lawyer thinks otherwise and decided to set up his second law firm. With characteristic nerve and verve, the 87 year old, one of the nation’s best known personal injury lawyers marched into his longtime office several months ago, accompanied by a half dozen guards. With his men standing sentry, the decision stemmed from a feud with his partners, emptied his desk and pulled his name from the door.

Nowadays you could see him in court once in a while and so the daily trials for his firm are handled by his new partner and protig, who is a no nonsense lady lawyer and former assistant Queens district attorney. With his passion for perfection, a gift for showbiz glitz, enormous ambition, and endless energy, this lawyer has been able to accumulate millions in earnings and countless victories not to mention enormous settlements in what would have seemed to be unwinnable cases.

After a car drove onto the lawn of the victim he was frightened to death and this was the argument of The Equalizer who got $ 740,000 for the family of a heart attack victim. A guest encountering a shark attack was blamed by him on an Acapulco hotel. He argued that the hotel had dumped garbage in the ocean and failed to warn guests that the refuse might attract sharks.

It is with much pride that this lawyer mentions that it is because of him that New York City employs 120 full time personal injury lawyers and is expected to pay $ 175 million in settlements. The contingency fee applies to this lawyer where he takes a third of the final award just like the other lawyers engaged in tort or personal injury law. Most of the time people say that the aggressive personal injury lawyers are responsible for the skyrocketing costs of insurance and a waste of the people’s money in suits against the city governments and he despises these statements.

Getting people to favor him is easy in court as he only needs to say a few words about how one man is fighting in a hospital bed which is viler than any prison cell could be. When it comes to juries, he handles them with the finesse of a symphony conductor. The art of winning cases is preventing the jury from getting bored.

The reason why he always emerged victorious was research. Considering being made to look like a fool in court this is something he ascertains never to happen. Considering a career like his which has given a new meaning to ambulance chasing he has been able to grace the pages of Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal.

Modesty has no place in his vocabulary when he speaks of himself or his practice. Vanity is something lawyers like him need in the industry. In terms of being a team vanity, respect, and confidence go well together. There is a 33 year old woman that he and his wife adopted who now oversees the details of his personal and professional life. When it comes to this owner of a Mexican restaurant and ever present assistant, she is being blamed by his old firm for driving them apart. Thanks to her he became aware.

1929 was when he graduated from Brooklyn Law School after his Ukrainian family immigrated to New York when he was 6 and during this time all of the good legal work went to the politically connected Irish firms. It was either a minor criminal case or a personal injury lawsuit that aspiring Jewish attorneys like him were entrusted with.

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