Dressing For Police Oral Board Success

There has been much written about what to do and say for your police oral board interview. If there is one thing that needs to be stressed, it is the dress code for your interview. Studies show that you will make a lasting first impression within the first 30-seconds you enter a room. If you have read other articles about this very topic do not stop reading. I will make some more delineations.

Wear a suit. That is about the sum of the articles you have read. It cannot be reiterated enough, there are still applicants who show up in khakis and a collared shirt. Business casual has its place but it is not in your oral board, or any other job interview for that matter. In fact, you should be in a suit every time you have contact with your prospective agency. This even includes when you are simply dropping off your resume or background questionnaire.

I will tell you again wear a suit. This does not mean your best khakis and blazer, a suit. Law enforcement is generally a conservative profession so make sure it is a conservative style suit. Navy, dark grey and black are all safe choices. Coupling these suits together with a pressed white shirt and a sharp tie (I prefer a solid red “power tie”) is a can’t lose match. Do not try to stand out by being trendy or by chasing fads, these may not translate well to others. A sharp suit is distinguished and speaks for itself, but more importantly shouts volumes of its wearer.

Consider a suit an investment in your future. A suit is something that will be worn throughout your law enforcement career including at court and during future promotional interviews. Don’t think that you have to spend a large chunk of your money either. A classic, conservative suit can be found at a reasonable price. Even tailoring an older suit can mean the difference between top candidate or oral board washout.

A few finer points in getting dressed for your oral board:
• Cover up any exposed tattoos.
• Ladies, minimize accessories and guys, no jewelry.
• No heavy cologne, perfume, or aftershave.

One last tip. Having a suit picked out and prepared the night before your oral board will help relieve your anxiety the day of your interview. No mismatched socks or lost tie to cause you unneeded stress. There will be plenty on your mind, so your suit will be one less thing.

Put a check mark next to attire on your police oral board checklist. Follow these tips, and you will have excelled in a major part of your police oral board, before you even step in the room. Your suit will put you ahead of poorly dressed candidates, who will look sloppy, uncaring, and unprofessional. Your suit will tell the oral board that you are a professional and are serious about your future law enforcement career.

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