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Zero in ‘Mathematics’, zero in ‘Science’, bad performance at office, … Well it does not matter! What matters to every guy is to somehow find a magic wand, which can help them master the fine art of ‘flirting!’ But guys, there is no such wand which you can point towards your crush and say ‘Expecto Feminos’ or whatever you feel like! All you have is your presence of mind and the following tips to arm yourself with, if you want to know how to be a successful flirt. So what are you waiting for…Load yourself with all these flirting tips for guys – crazy and smart enough to work, to woo those gorgeous beauties!

Flirting Tips For Men and For Boys!

I Am What I Am!
These flirting tips go for men, as well for those young blooming hearts! First and foremost – be what you are! Be honest, humble and yourself! Do not carry or even attempt to carry the style of somebody you aren’t! ‘Superman’, some celebrity or even some cool dude for that matter! Keep the cake simple and do not try to ice it, because if the icing melts (which happens in most cases), it will be a disaster!

Talk Your Way In!
As I was saying, ‘good talking’ is one of the key flirting tips for guys. Not everyone comes with the ‘gift of the gab’, however, it’s not something which cannot be acquired at all. Flirting has its first step in beginning a conversation – not a long one though! It’s not always ‘ladies first’ and it is true in this case. Do not wait for the lady to come up to you and become comfortable to do the first talking. Be a gentleman, clear your throat, muster some confidence and with a gentle voice say, ‘Hi, how was your day today?’ If you see that she is blunt in her answer, then it is not the right time to go for a full-fledged conversation. On the other hand, if you receive a reply (what you were expecting), then continue your talking, but keep it simple and short! You may need to learn how to start a conversation with a girl by memorizing some conversation starters with girls tips.

One of the most important flirting tips for guys is to know that ladies like to talk (not to mention, talk a lot!) and enjoy the other person to listen attentively, without interrupting. So, keep your opinions at bay even if you find something which is contrary to what you believe! Let her complete her say and then throw a question (a sensible one!). This will show your interest and that you are listening. Acknowledge her at times and appreciate what she thinks. It can get very boring at times, but if you want to get the rose, you can’t avoid the thorns buddy!

Wow, How Pretty!
Ladies always have room for appreciation and compliments! It’s the best way to melt their heart and sometimes it works no less than Cupid’s arrows! So whenever, you notice her wearing something new or something which you haven’t noticed before, just throw a small compliment at her. You may say, ‘Wow! That’s a nice bandanna you have! Where did you get it from?’ This is like complimenting her, but in an indirect sense. But remember not to load her with compliments, every now and then. Some things, used less often, are all the more effective when used! Learn about the things girls like to hear.

‘Must Do’ Flirting Tips for Guys

Flirt With Laughter!
This is one of my most effective flirting tips for guys and I personally feel so! Humor and what else? Adding humor is like adding spice in life! There is nothing like the blend of humor and wittiness, trust me! If you can make girls laugh, they will definitely want to meet you or keep in touch with you! Just take care not to joke about her looks or her thoughts, especially those that she has very strong opinions on. Teasing is also one effective way to bring in humor in your conversation, but as I said, be careful about the words you chose!

Light Up The Green!
Try to see the ‘green’ in her eyes – jealousy! Sometimes, but not always, compliment her friends except her. If she has a spark for you burning in her heart, it might turn into flames which will be red enough to let you know about her feelings. Do not let this fire to keep on burning, as it may burn your efforts too. So, cool it down by splashing some nice and genuine compliments to her the next day!

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