Instantly Burn Off Belly Fat

Belly fat is a growing and common occurrence in most men and women nowadays. Sadly scientists have failed to come out with non-surgical solution to this epidemic. In this article, I hope to look at the possible causes of fat belly in women and to critically access some possible and available non-surgical solution to reducing it. Although there are claims that men because of their likely drinking habit might be more prone to having fatty belly, I have decided to narrow this subject to women alone because available documents and statistics have shown that women are more likely to have fatty belly than men. This paper shall thus discuss the causes of fat belly under two headings- natural and lifestyle,

Belly fat in women can be caused by several factors. Firstly, it can be due to the result of pregnancy. In science, physics has shown that when a spring is stretched, it expands and obeys the hook’s law and when released, it returns back to his original state. This phenomenon can be extended to a pregnant woman, whose belly expand and after delivery is expected to return fully to its original state. However, this is never always the case. Certain factors thus prevents the totally recovery of the belly to its original state. Factors such as body features; body frame and structure determine whether the belly would return to its original state or not.

Secondly, poor lifestyle is another factor. Recent questionnaire conducted revealed that over 70% of the public agree that the major cause of excess belly fat in women is due to the consumption of the so-called quick or fast food. They said that some families prefer to get fast and quick food instead of cooking meal at home. They unanimously agreed that children are copying this ugly habit from their parents and is mostly likely to produce a society of obese of children and adults in the future.

Medical researches have shown that excess belly fat is due to poor lifestyle and lack of exercise. They proved that eating healthy with regular exercise will help combat weight gain, fatty belly and ultimately prevent obesity. They went further to prove that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent a lot of aged related illness.Visit the link below to read learn more on how to lose weight fast.

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